Translation of pernicious in Spanish:


pernicioso, adj.

Pronunciation /pərˈnɪʃəs/ /pəˈnɪʃəs/

Definition of pernicioso in Spanish


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    • Physiological laws can explain the harmful and pernicious effects of deep breathing.
    • He's correct that the right of jury nullification trumps any worries about the possible pernicious effects of the drug.
    • Yet this fear of the pernicious effects of property rights did not last for long.
    • Just putting some healthier options on the menu doesn't counteract the more pernicious effect a large global corporation has.
    • I pretend to teach young people about the pernicious effects of a total surveillance state.
    • Equally problematic is the pernicious effect of bad design on the environment.
    • Trying to keep out the pernicious effects of popular culture is a losing battle.
    • Instrumental rationality has had a particularly pernicious effect on the environment.
    • Yet some faculty perceive the pernicious effects of these forms and want to end them.
    • It also stands for the complete victory of the Buddhist Doctrine over all harmful and pernicious forces.
    • At its most extreme whole economies are destroyed by its pernicious influence.
    • Instead, they say, it is a pernicious and widespread cancer infecting the media and political classes across Europe.
    • The trouble is that fear is almost as pernicious as perceived danger.
    • The register will make an important contribution to tackling this pernicious evil.
    • At the same time, the pernicious influence of new urban cultural patterns could share some of the blame for rural degeneration.
    • What worries me are the pernicious influences on athletes like him.
    • Over the past few months and years, some pernicious myths have started to become a little too popular.
    • This new form of protectionism has an added pernicious quality.
    • Outside of the identity principle, however, the correlation is both pernicious and ethically dubious.
    • In fact, it can actually be pernicious because it covers up a reality.