Translation of personal in Spanish:


privado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈpərs(ə)n(ə)l/ /ˈpəːs(ə)n(ə)l/

Definition of privado in Spanish


  • 1

    • 1.1(own)

      (property) privado
      (experience/preference) personal
      she has a personal helicopter tiene helicóptero particular
      • But I decided not to be embarrassed by my illness and to record my experiences on a personal website, for anyone to read.
      • He is working the streets as hard as anyone, buoyed by a huge personal fortune.
      • For 200 years prior to this, the garden relied on personal book collections belonging to the various keepers of the garden.
      • I like to write about my life, but I think that belongs in my personal journal.
      • Inside laid a treasure trove of personal effects belonging to Earl Sandstrum.
      • Unless one's size is affecting one's personal health then one should be comfortable being who they are.
      • People whose personal health may be affected have often been held by the courts to have no standing to make a case.
      • The room was empty and had no personal items belonging to the presumed occupants.
      • This is a fine anthology that would be a welcome addition to anyone's personal library.
      • You might even be forced to liquidate personal assets to pay off creditors.
      • However, if the firm went bust, the directors would be forced to liquidate their personal assets to pay creditors.
      • One appears to be on the personal website of a creative writing student at Macquarie University.
      • In it were all of her personal letters, her journal, and a few treasured childhood trinkets.
      • You'll use my body as your personal jungle gym, always crawling back over me if you go anywhere in the room.
      • I believe it is more important to be a good mentor than it is to preserve my personal body of work.
      • He always placed a sanitary towel under their left armpit and also removed personal items from their bodies.
      • He had his wallet and personal possessions on his body, so there was no reason to suspect any robbery.

    • 1.2(private)

      a letter marked 'personal' una carta marcada 'personal'
      • this is a personal matter este es un asunto privado / personal
      • he has retired for personal reasons se ha jubilado por razones personales
      • no personal calls are allowed no se permite hacer llamadas particulares
      • don't ask personal questions no hagas preguntas indiscretas
      • he suffered a personal tragedy le ocurrió una desgracia en su vida privada
      • personal effects efectos personales
      • It's very rude to relay personal remarks, but I've made a career out of it - so why stop now?
      • I suggest that it is time you made a ruling on that, and said that those sorts of personal insinuations are inappropriate.
      • He decided to get very personal and to refer to my own marriage.
      • The only problem is if we go from the deeply offensive and personal to the deeply offensive and general.
      • Don't you take any notice, girl, I say, when people make uncalled-for personal remarks.
      • I believe that we will be judged on this record and not by unkind and unjustified personal remarks in the press.
      • Some lowly wonk writes a few personal remarks to go in at the top and you're laughing.
      • He heard her say each name, accompanied by a more personal remark for each.
      • The personal remarks were coming think and as fast as those concerning my stature and physic.
      • I just want to make a remark of a more personal nature about my work.
      • It is certainly typical of the threats and personal attacks which now characterise the three-way bid battle.
      • In her taste, her cultural and political awareness, even her personal appearance, she seems like a product of the Rive Gauche.

    • 1.3(individual)

      (account/loan) personal
      a personal touch un toque personal
      • she recorded a personal best logró mejorar su marca
      • she did it at great personal risk lo hizo con gran peligro para su persona
      • personal identification number número de identificación personal
      • personal income ingresos personales
      • personal income tax impuesto sobre la renta de las personas físicas

  • 2

    • 2.1(in person)

      (appearance/plea) en persona
      • On some Tory blog's comment section this is a cue for speculating about personal hygiene of and body hair on greenies.
      • As a youngster he has overcome racism and through his life there have been enough personal body blows to ensure that he appreciates the good in his world.
      • I put it down to the fact that as he's Italian the encroaching of personal body space was just something that came with the territory.
      • In an honor culture, a personal attack on the body could be countered only by an attack in kind.
      • I am not talking about the A-Z of sex, but something to do with personal hygiene, or maybe just to fund some other college course.
      • People pay more attention to personal hygiene and quit bad habits.
      • I assure you, my personal hygiene is of the highest standard.
      • A certain lack of personal hygiene pervades the carriage, and then yes, you guessed it, three of 'em decide my table is fair game.
      • I'm assuming that smelling like sea creatures is a good thing and not a comment on my personal hygiene.
      • Safe and hygienic food handling procedures and facets pertaining to personal hygiene were also discussed.
      • I never managed to ask or find out why: perhaps it was nerves, or maybe personal hygiene wasn't quite so extreme in those days.
      • I have neglected personal hygiene or household chores until I have finished a novel.
      • He was at his friend's house getting high when he noticed the grubby living conditions and lack of personal hygiene.
      • It is now up to you to ask your doctors whether they are practicing even the most basic acts of personal hygiene.
      • If you are seriously concerned about these children, then do the right thing and improve their diet and personal hygiene habits.
      • The care will cover all personal hygiene, dressing, assistance with eating and preparing food and help with mobility.
      • These cults are a group of jobless people who are more interested in their facial hair than their personal hygiene.
      • The educated elite is conscious about their personal hygiene and health.
      • I had meals in there and my personal hygiene was extremely poor.
      • He also digs sharing information about his personal body art that you'd probably rather not know.
      • Each individual will receive a personal letter of apology, acknowledging the harm caused by the process.
      • It's not my personal presence here that will bring the disease under control, but bearing down on the disease to eliminate it.
      • Both our days are outrageously improved by actual personal contact.
      • The position requires a high degree of personal presence, creativity and imagination.
      • The second benefit is that a blog can give your practice a voice and a personal presence.
      • It does not necessarily, I think, involve the personal presence of the person claiming to occupy.
      • It is God's personal presence that restores Job's confidence in divine order.
      • Ingram was presenting his personal opinion which he submitted in a letter to The Peak.
      • The book includes actual postcards carrying personal messages as well as popular songs and poetry of the time.
      • It took a personal letter from President Lyndon Johnson in late December to win their release.
      • In a personal letter to voters, the Tory leader has asked them to send application forms to a national party centre in Dartford, Kent.
      • Prime Minister Tony Blair spoke of his distress and the Prince of Wales wrote personal letters of condolence to both families.
      • And each of them sent me a personal letter with drawings and wishes to a fast recovery.
      • So, we went back to the office and wrote my personal letter of the events, and took it to the police station after their break.
      • He stashed away hundreds of Diana-related items, from signed CDs to personal letters to photographs.
      • You could also simply make a donation or bring some Christmas cheer by sending a child a personal letter from Father Christmas.
      • Christopher said the letter expressed his personal opinion and not that of the party.
      • I write this in the form of a personal letter from me to you, if for no other reason than to blunder and blur genres further.
      • Some of the more threatening and personal letters were passed on to police.
      • All she did was read out a personal letter written by Dan in which he denied involvement.

    • 2.2(physical)

      (freshness/hygiene) íntimo
      (appearance) personal
      personal cleanliness aseo personal

    • 2.3(directed against individual)

      personal abuse personalismos
      • let's not get personal no llevemos las cosas al plano personal
      • it's nothing personal, but … no tengo nada contra ti (or ella etc.), pero …


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