Translation of persuasion in Spanish:


persuasión, n.

Pronunciation /pərˈsweɪʒən/ /pəˈsweɪʒ(ə)n/

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  • 1

    persuasión feminine
    I didn't need much persuasion to take a vacation no hubo que insistirme para que me tomara unas vacaciones
    • use any means of persuasion to get them to agree persuádalos como sea para que acepten
    • they used a little friendly persuasion on him le aplicaron sus sutiles métodos de persuasión
    • They pay special attention to the way social responsibilities are fostered by informal communal processes of persuasion and peer pressure.
    • If this means that the professor is open to persuasion, I certainly hope to persuade him.
    • Some urged caution, apparently believing that this government is open to persuasion.
    • Any arm-twisting or gentle persuasion presumably took place in corridor huddles or late-night conversations.
    • Why was there no adequate process of persuasion?
    • But it is both naive and dangerous to imagine that gentle persuasion can change their core activities.
    • From gentle persuasion to threats and abuse, coercion was apart of the courtship process.
    • Instead of cracking down hard, the municipality took a soft approach, a combination of gentle persuasion and public shaming.
    • If this fails then gentle persuasion should follow.
    • I was open to persuasion that the actual facts before the court did not disclose a case of negligence that had any reasonable prospect of success.
    • We don't need to use persuasion to make people believe that fire burns.
    • It is a process of persuasion designed to induce ideas, opinions, or actions beneficial to the source.
    • Invite discussion, and be open to correction and persuasion.
    • There is little doubt that the Londoners will wish to retain his services, but he remains open to persuasion.
    • Speaking for myself, I remain open to persuasion, should the honours committee look my way.
    • Admittedly, it did take a bit of persuasion to get government accountants to accept that idea.
    • We have tried persuasion and argument, but nobody is listening.
    • All I am doing is providing an opening for persuasion and argument!
    • Furthermore, only through persuasion and argument were people to influence others to join their religion.
    • However, both argument and rhetoric have persuasion in common.
  • 2 formal

    people of all persuasions gente de todas las creencias
    • and others of that/her persuasion y otros que opinan así/como ella
    • Whatever sexual, ethical, religious and political persuasions a person comes from, it can only be good to give all people a great welcome to Scotland.
    • Friends of mine are displaying the peace flags no matter what their religious inclinations or political persuasions.
    • Throughout his life, he gained and retained the friendship and respect of men of the most diverse political and religious persuasions.
    • Read books, newspapers, and online content from both political persuasions to be certain you fully understand the issues at hand.
    • I can't imagine anyone, of any political or religious persuasion, who would not be offended.
    • Even their political persuasions are not as predictable as you might expect.
    • We started our campaign by saying that starvation, regardless of political or religious persuasion, is at its core a moral issue that concerns us all.
    • Political leaders and women of all political persuasions are expected to attend the commemorations.
    • They have the same rights no matter what their political persuasions are.
    • They're fun, they're violent, and they have a moralistic narrative frame that makes them palatable to most political persuasions.
    • I've worked for ministers of very different political persuasions.
    • I hope that other colleagues of all political persuasions will join me.
    • People of all ages, backgrounds and political persuasions joined together in unison.
    • The two women may share a political persuasion but insiders say their styles of leadership are very different.
    • We hope people of all political persuasions will come and see the show.
    • Some Republicans, as well as Democrats, and religious groups of both liberal and conservative persuasions have raised concerns.
    • For example, nursing schools at Catholic hospitals once played a central role in training nurses from many religious persuasions.
    • Whatever your religious persuasions may be, I think this just about sums it up, don't you?
    • We did not mix with schools of other religions, and were not encouraged to make friends with anyone not of our religious persuasion.
    • This does not discount that we can do good no matter what religious persuasion we are or even if one is an atheist.