There are 2 main translations of pert in Spanish

: pert1PERT2


coqueto, adj.

Pronunciation /pərt/ /pəːt/


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    (hat/dress) coqueto
    (reply) descarado
    her pert little nose su naricilla respingona
    • a pert little miss una jovencita pizpireta
    • Her neatly shaped face boasted high cheekbones and a pert pug nose, beneath which a firm pink mouth was drawn into a seductive glower.
    • It framed a little heart shaped face with big eyes, a pert nose and a neat, bow shaped mouth.
    • She is sturdy and curvy with a pert upturned nose and shiny brown pigtails.
    • The nose is pert and solid and the cheeks blush with anointed health.
    • Her features were feminine and delicate - full, high cheekbones; small, pert nose; Cupid's bow.
    • Her little pert nose, her well defined cheeks, her small, but always warm lips, now pressed into a thin line that told Ethan she had something on her mind.
    • Marva blinked, and examined Hank more closely, pulling the sunglasses halfway down her pert nose, exposing a pair of pale blue eyes.
    • Lipton looked at her pert nose, but refrained from commenting.
    • She pushed her glasses back up her pert nose, the gold frames settling back in front of her eyes where the oval lenses of pink glass hid some of the redness.
    • She was tall, but not overly so, with milky pale skin and pure sapphire eyes followed by a pert nose, full, rose lips, and highly defined cheek bones.
    • It had vanished back to its little pocket universe and things were as they were before I stuck my pert little nose into the mess.
    • He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and squirmed at the sight of a balding old man with a pert nose and an infinity of lines on his face.
    • She had a pert nose and had a mischievous look in her light brown eyes.
    • Calliope wrinkled her pert little nose and fished in her backpack for concealer and foundation.
    • She had almond-shaped hazel eyes, with a pert nose, accompanied by a defiant chin.
    • Her pert nose had freckles splayed here and there and her full, pink lips were slightly parted.
    • She had silky dark brown hair, large emerald green eyes, and an adorable pert nose.
    • This upstart has been getting his pert little nose in our affairs a little too often I think.
    • My face seemed somewhat gaunt to me, with slightly sunken green eyes and pert nose.
    • Amy is a picture, in her pert wee bonnet and a lovely blue dress.
    • He, on the other hand, is impudent, and addresses the Lord with pert familiarity.
    • The term ‘esquire’, like that of ‘gentleman’, was gradually applied to any man as a suffix, and its final degradation was as a 20th-cent. term of pert familiarity.
    • We were just confronted with this very pert young lady screaming blue murder on her front building site.
    • ‘Don't be pert with me now girl,’ he said with a rising inflection within his voice.
    • They asked cheeky questions and made pert remarks.

There are 2 main translations of PERT in Spanish

: pert1PERT2


Pronunciation /pɜːrt/ /pɜːt/


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