Translation of pertain in Spanish:


Pronunciation /pərˈteɪn/ /pəˈteɪn/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (belong to)
    to pertain to sth pertenecer a algo
    • The adjective ‘gastric’ applies to all things pertaining to the stomach.
    • To steal anything pertaining to this story would be plagarism and illegal, so please, don't.
    • While the individuals pertaining to those groups may argue that they feel they are viable blood donors, why take the risk?
  • 2

    (have to do with)
    to pertain to sth concernir a algo
    • In the public perception, all matters pertaining to health are the responsibility of the appropriate Ministry, or perhaps it should be so.
    • Similarly, on its return route, the bus should bear the related PIN pertaining to its destination.
    • The university relations officer works to represent students on all matters pertaining to governance of the university.
    • He also troubleshoots matters pertaining to industrial unrest.
    • They are particularly ignorant, I found, when it comes to matters pertaining to the military.
    • Apparently, the residents held a meeting the other day in the building to discuss matters pertaining to the same.
    • Cross-examination need not be confined to the matters pertaining to the charges.
    • In the past, it was unheard of to discuss fiscal matters pertaining to security wings.
    • I have received a number of related questions pertaining to this issue, so I will do my best to explain.
    • The standing committees are basically two groups of members consulting on various matters pertaining to the city council.
    • My father was very sure about certain matters pertaining to the universe.
    • In addition, they have consistently been looked to by society for expert advice on matters pertaining to health.
    • The party is independent of the state in matters pertaining to the police and youth, but everywhere else the state stands above the party.
    • As with any association, certain matters pertaining to codes of conduct and standards need to be addressed.
    • Though for some, the matters pertaining to the most recent mandate were yet to be concluded.
    • We will be familiar with matters brought before council and will read all material pertaining to them.
    • But will it be possible to cover all aspects pertaining to management in such a short time?
    • To determine whether a right of way exists in the first place is an inherently different issue from matters pertaining to its usage.
    • This one could be considered with all seriousness, as it pertains to all important health matters.
    • He is a learned man in most matters that pertain to art.