Translation of pertinent in Spanish:


pertinente, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈpərtnənt/ /ˈpəːtɪnənt/


  • 1

    to be pertinent to sth guardar relación con algo
    • The accused's attention will no doubt be drawn to any relevant and pertinent questions asked at interview.
    • There is one more thing I want to say, about a matter that is pertinent to that.
    • That, I'll concede, makes it at least slightly pertinent to the subject matter.
    • Yet it's the kind of question that really is pertinent in all the circumstances.
    • It also raises a number of critical questions that are pertinent to five key areas of business.
    • The second issue may be particularly pertinent to sensitive topics but has a wider applicability.
    • There are also some implications pertinent to both researchers and professionals.
    • A useful and more pertinent account of the pictures themselves is handed out on admission to the exhibition.
    • For those who yearn for a more gentler age, it is a perfect destination; a pertinent reminder of how life used to be.
    • It is pertinent that all parties involved in the peace process remain engaged.
    • Yes, victory here would be a pertinent win for the British golden girl.
    • In fact, it is a challenge more pertinent to Britain than anywhere else.
    • I don't know if it was a publicity thing, but he does raise some pertinent issues.
    • That leads me to another point in the fight against crime that is very pertinent to the discussion.
    • We have tried to study all the pertinent factors that have a direct or indirect bearing on such costs.
    • At the time, it was a triumphant, pertinent, poetic and amusing choice to all of them.
    • They should be giving him much more pertinent advice as to what he should and shouldn't say.
    • The study, so pertinent in its timing, demonstrates that asylum seekers are also victims.
    • I happen to think his remarks highly pertinent, which is why I have reproduced them here.
    • There are many pertinent quotes in the article, but you really need to read it in its entirety.