Translation of perverse in Spanish:


obstinado, adj.

Pronunciation /pərˈvərs/ /pəˈvəːs/

Definition of obstinado in Spanish


  • 1

    (stubborn) obstinado
    (stubborn) terco
    (wayward, contrary) retorcido
    (wayward, contrary) avieso literary
    she takes a perverse delight in upsetting me siente un placer malsano dándome disgustos
    • So his decision to show the way last night smacked of a perverse desire to prove something to himself and the world.
    • I always have this perverse but burning desire to be scared, and it's hard for me to achieve this goal simply because it's hard for me to get scared.
    • But I have this perverse desire to be shaved with a cut-throat razor - by an expert.
    • The example du jour is his persistent, some might say perverse desire to ram roads through some of our last old-growth forests.
    • Instead of being taken aback, he felt a perverse obstinacy rise up inside him.
    • I'm one of these perverse people who will deliberately take a spite against something, just because everyone else likes it.
    • There is, however, an inflexibility and perverse bias already present in the environing world, and it's this which defamiliarises and removes our projects from us.
    • It seems his muse, once so pliable, has become perverse and wilful: I commiserate.
    • But he admits to sharing one trait with his crumpled creation: he's wilfully perverse.
    • Also, I'm so stubborn and perverse that her rudeness just made me more determined to get to know her.
    • His considerable powers of concentration served to amplify the more extreme, uncompromising, even perverse, aspects of his personality.
    • His decision to work in mezzotint was partly perverse, as it was an antiquated medium so labor-intensive that it was only rarely practiced.