Translation of phenomenon in Spanish:


fenómeno, n.

Pronunciation /fəˈnɑməˌnɑn/ /fəˈnɑməˌnən/ /fəˈnɒmɪnən/

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nounplural phenomena

  • 1

    (fact, event)
    fenómeno masculine
    • I might add that sometimes explanations of physical phenomena involve mathematical facts.
    • It was left to Newton to provide the mathematical explanation of the phenomena that they observed.
    • They want science to be redefined to include non-natural or supernatural explanations for natural phenomena.
    • Natural philosophy then consisted of causal explanation of observed phenomena in nature within such a logical and schematic programme.
    • It was an unquestioned assumption in all of my science classes that nothing exists except natural phenomena.
    • The major global geophysical catastrophes that await us down the line are in fact just run-of-the-mill natural phenomena writ large.
    • It is assumed that normal science is sufficient for the explanation of all natural phenomena.
    • Science is itself an ideology, one that properly restricts its own sphere of influence to observing and explaining physical phenomena.
    • A theory is more than a definition; it is a framework that supplies an orderly explanation of observed phenomena.
    • The superstition of religion originated in man's inability to explain natural phenomena.
    • Experts routinely have to reassess the damage done by natural phenomena such as earthquakes or hurricanes.
    • The objects of science are materializable concepts, not natural phenomena.
    • Lightning is one of the most fascinating yet beautiful natural weather phenomena that we see here on Earth.
    • These policies have left us badly exposed and at the mercy of natural phenomena like drought.
    • He said the fog reported by the farmers was a natural phenomenon and not connected with the power plant.
    • Phenology is the study of recurring natural phenomena, especially in relation to climate.
    • Although such reports are often discounted as meteor showers or astronomical phenomena, other sightings are not so easy to dismiss.
    • The observed maturation phenomena are generally not observed in dedifferentiated HCC.
    • Scientific laws are the means, the logical tool that helps interpret facts, phenomena and processes.
    • On the other hand, he acknowledges psychokinesis as a likely explanation for poltergeist phenomena.
  • 2

    fenómeno masculine
    • Perhaps the remarkable phenomenon is that anything like the old nationalism echoed at all.
    • Hip-hop has long been one of the most fashion-conscious cultural phenomena in America.
    • As he nears the end of his remarkable career, Warne is a phenomenon waiting to be cast in gold for posterity.
    • The exhibition pays tribute to Godzilla as cultural phenomenon rather than mere pop icon.
    • You may also recall a while back my talking about the hilarity provided by the Pop Idol phenomenon.
    • You see, the collapse of respect for politics is a remarkably recent phenomenon.
    • Heavy metal, as opposed to hard rock, was a quintessentially British phenomenon.
    • One of the most remarkable economic phenomena over the past few years has been the emergence of Internet business.
    • The Jansenist Nouvelles was one of the most remarkable publishing phenomena of the eighteenth century.
    • Of course all this fuss is nothing compared to the phenomenon of Pop Idol.
    • The basic objective of the study was to focus on clothing and to project fashion as a social phenomenon.
    • What was expected to be a success at best has become a pop cultural phenomenon for people of all ages and backgrounds.
    • According to the morass of statistics, crime is a remarkably flexible phenomenon across England and Wales.
    • Cigar box handbags, made from original wooden cigar boxes, are not a new fashion phenomenon.
    • Any examination of Yali's question must address the phenomena of the Fertile Crescent.
    • Recent centuries have produced explanation after explanation for the phenomenon labelled God.
    • A definition of terrorism does exist, and the phenomenon also amounts to a customary international law crime.
    • What requires explanation is not the phenomenon of cooperation but that of a State.
    • On top of this situation you add the phenomenon of uncontrolled violence.