Translation of phoney in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈfoʊni/ /ˈfəʊni/


nounplural phoneys, plural phonies

  • 1

    • I'm a fake, a phony, a fraud, an impostor, and a charlatan of the worse degree.
    • Veterans call them by all sorts of names: phonies, fakes, imposters, wannabes.
    • Why are you playing the edges; why bother to debunk, why spend your time exposing people that are outright frauds, phonies, or who are merely self deluded?
    • Here we deal with frauds and phonies, money grabbers and odd-balls.
    • But any moment the spell might fail, their eyes would be opened and they would realise I was a fraud, a phoney.
    • She was very acute at spotting the fake and the phony.
    • That's the conundrum of the modern skeptics movement: Intelligent Design theorists and deniers of global warming may very well be phonies and scoundrels, but no one is going to debunk them in the classic sense.
    • To be blunt about it, by any normal standard most of these guys are liars and phonies.
    • Like me he understood that the people around him were fakes and phoneys and pretty soon I realised he hated school as much as I did.
    • From the photograph down, everything was a fraud and a phoney.
    • People who have true family values live by them, while deviant phonies incessantly talk about them.
    • What a miserable bunch of phoneys they are, both the traitors and their spin doctors.
    • It's true to say that there always have been and always will be phonies and charlatans claiming psychic powers either for profit or for notoriety.
    • This argument is largely a phony because the filibuster rules have been changed in the past.
    • Salinger has given voice to what every adolescent or at least what every middle class adolescent thinks but is too inhibited to say, which is that success is a sham and that successful people are mostly phonies.
    • At the conclusion of each episode, the one phony is revealed.
    • But other merchants recognized the bills as phonies right away.
    • What they hate is being patronised by phonies.
    • So, you may be saying, these ‘rule-breakers,’ with their aura of rebellion, are nothing but phonies!
    • I never feel comfortable at an upscale restaurant, where I often feel like a phony trying to fake clever conversation, social appropriateness, and political correctness.