Translation of phony in Spanish:


falso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfoʊni/ /ˈfəʊni/

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adjective phonier, phoniest

informal, derogatory
  • 1

    (name/address) falso
    I can't stand that phony British accent no aguanto ese acento británico fingido
    • a phony deal un tejemaneje
    • The 1990s was a decade of fraudulent privatisations, phony education and poverty alleviating campaigns.
    • So what touchstone can we use to distinguish genuine from phoney forwardists?
    • Sadly, phoney clinics offer spurious tests which will diagnose allergies in virtually anybody.
    • You have to show genuine empathy, not phony sympathy.
    • There is usually a complete lack of ceremony with this type of person as they are not a phony psychic or exorcist.
    • Three illegal aliens are accused of using phony documents to get jobs at a U.S. military base.
    • Who could have failed to see that there were no manufacturer's name or address or ingredients or shelf-life on the packages of the phoney milk powder?
    • Access to the properties is gained by putting a phoney offer down.
    • These offer a phoney impression of simplicity, reducing complex manifesto policies to a few slogans.
    • There was a group that modeled themselves on Wittgenstein, which I thought was quite phony and pretentious.
    • It's too late, of course, and Affleck is forced to maintain his phony identity, fake his way through the casino hit, and hope he makes it alive to final credits.
    • And how would the time spent by the presenters of ‘happenings’ and other such phony pretences of art be measured?
    • Labour has cooked up this phoney row just to manufacture cheap headlines on the eve of a general election.
    • He'll continue to have a hard time convincing voters he isn't a dangerous and phoney pretender with no business shooting higher than, say, the Sports Ministry.
    • For as little as $50, Americans desperate for jobs are buying phony degrees with seals from prestigious universities like Columbia.
    • A phony Tiffany brand watch, whose genuine model carries 160,000 yen price tag in Japan, is on sale for 150 yuan.
    • Traditional fakes come from a process called offset lithography that produces phony dollars without the ‘raised ink’ feel of genuine bills.
    • The report was triggered in part by a $146-million fraud uncovered last year in which the department paid phoney invoices during a 10-year period.
    • Perhaps he can find some money to put towards some genuine tax reform by clamping down on these phoney charities.
    • But isn't there also a growing problem with counterfeit phony drugs, pharmaceuticals, as well?

nounplural phonies, plural phoneys

informal, derogatory
  • 1

    farsante masculine, feminine informal
    he's not a real count, he's a phony no es un conde de verdad, es un impostor / un farsante
  • 2

    falsificación feminine