Translation of photo in Spanish:


foto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfoʊdoʊ/ /ˈfəʊtəʊ/

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nounplural photos

  • 1

    foto feminine
    to take a photo sacar / tomar una foto
    • He asked residents to send in any photos, slides or images of the area from bygone days.
    • A few days before this, a man came to the studio with a photo of his wife and asked to have the picture tattooed on his arm.
    • I have no intention of making contact or sending photos and I have no interest in having any back.
    • Gareth and Will's photos are printed on sugar sheets stuck on the muffins, so they are edible.
    • She had hoped to frame the photos and put them in the home's television room.
    • Images of his photos keep running in my head until I wake up the next morning.
    • If I can decorate this site with all kinds of photos I'll post pictures of the car.
    • My husband and our then next door neighbour took pictures of those photos on loan to the exhibition.
    • It was too bizarre to pass up, so I grabbed my camera and started snapping photos.
    • Send us your sports stories and photos, pictures of your fun night out or your school reunion.
    • When my dad moved to France he left a lot of things behind, one of which was a fat blue case full of photos and slides.
    • There was a peculiar little sequence when Heather pointed to a montage of photos in a frame.
    • Some things are still working, as you can see from the photos in this online image gallery.
    • Please send a photographer and take a photo to publish in News Shopper.
    • As a photographer took his photo and the flashbulb went off, the child screamed loudly.
    • British law traditionally dictates that you have no rights to your own image if the photo is shot from public ground.
    • As he walks out again with my newspaper, I snap a photo of him with the zoom lens.
    • Hovering the mouse over a photo enlarges it, and you can then click to be taken to the file or the appropriate website.
    • The competition question was: can you guess what is pictured in the photo below?
    • Behind her is the same half-finished painting which appeared in a previous photo of her studio.
    • Unfortunately for them, it was a photo for fourth place.
    • It was a photo for place and she took third.