Traducción de photo shoot en Español:

photo shoot

sesión de fotos, n.


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    sesión de fotos femenino
    • Oh yeah, I know I will, but all we have to do is a photo shoot and another press conference.
    • To complete the prize, she was given a voucher for a make-up session and a photo shoot at a local studio.
    • Tell me again why YOU have to do an interview and a photo shoot for your own magazine?
    • Winners will receive a styling session at Elements and a photo shoot at Zoom to help them create a portfolio.
    • Then I have a couple of meetings and maybe a photo shoot to promote the show or a book.
    • I can take a couple with me when I go for a photo shoot, a guest-posing spot, or a seminar.
    • We quickly arranged a photo shoot and after a careful briefing were soon in the air.
    • Considering I spend most of my time behind the camera, the idea of a glamour photo shoot filled me with excitement.
    • So Carole was brought in for a proper photo shoot and the now famous photograph was taken.
    • He insists that many of the magazine covers on which he appears are done without his consent, and that he has never, ever done a photo shoot with his two boys.
    • Throughout the photo shoot he displays classic signs of anxiety - biting his lips, fidgeting, tapping his feet.
    • I'm reasonably sure she could have found her way to Los Angeles for a photo shoot of this magnitude.
    • We went back out for the opening of the Schulz museum, which is really great, to do the photo shoot for the book.
    • I am directed downstairs for the duration of the photo shoot.
    • During a photo shoot, sometimes what we plan doesn't work out and we improvise.
    • Now, if they would come out for a photo shoot, that would really be something.
    • Amanda talked it over with the hairdresser for my first photo shoot.
    • After the somewhat photo shoot, Chad, trying to be nice, threw me a little dinner.
    • The evening after her photo shoot in Chicago a friend of hers phoned to say that they had missed her after the show.
    • If it's for a photo shoot, the publication pays for a stylist.