Traducción de photograph en Español:


fotografía, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfoʊdəˌɡræf/ /ˈfəʊtəɡrɑːf/

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    fotografía femenino
    foto femenino
    I saw her photograph in the paper vi su fotografía en el diario
    • to take a photograph (of sb/sth) sacarle / tomarle una foto / una fotografía (a algn/algo)
    • Mo came round today with her digital camera and took a photograph of what will probably be my image on the publicity.
    • In police custody, his solicitors came with a digital camera and took nineteen photographs of his injuries.
    • The wide space provided as border for each picture puts the focus on the photograph.
    • These cameras take two photographs to cover just this sort of well known and understood radar anomaly.
    • It did not prove possible to make photographs using the antique camera itself.
    • He took photographs using a telephoto lens and used binoculars to inspect the general state of the roofing and tiling.
    • This short film trilogy brings together my thoughts on photography and photographs.
    • When the first photographs from his Brownie camera had come back all those years ago, he had been thrilled.
    • To take the photographs, the camera had to be set on a long exposure, which reduced any movement to a blur.
    • From time to time I get a few queries about my photographs, my camera and techniques.
    • Imagine you've never seen a photograph before; imagine cameras haven't been invented.
    • A beaming Sam was caught on camera in the photograph published in last Saturday's Observer.
    • I raised my camera to take a photograph of this to send to Midland Mainline.
    • Away from the film and photographs, the music conjures up images of its own.
    • I took lots of photographs, mostly on film but a handful on the digital camera to provide an immediate record.
    • Her recollections are intercut with her own evocative photographs and films.
    • At the top of the page, slightly cut off, one can see two or three other photographs which are not material.
    • His manipulation of press photographs and focus on celebrity anticipated Pop Art.
    • Thus, the protest against the Vietnam War was mobilized by images such as the photograph by Huynh Cong Ut.
    • The first photograph was a picture of two boys, both looking around six years old.

verbo transitivo

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    sacarle una foto a
    sacarle una fotografía a
    tomarle una foto a
    tomarle una fotografía a
    hacerle una foto a España
    hacerle una fotografía a España

verbo intransitivo

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    to photograph well/badly salir bien/mal en las fotos / fotografías
    • She had an ear-to-ear gamine grin and a good figure, and photographed well.
    • "You’ll see that I photograph poorly," she says.