Translation of pidgin in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈpɪdʒən/ /ˈpɪdʒɪn/


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    versión simplificada y rudimentaria de una lengua, usada como lengua franca
    I tried to ask directions in my pidgin Greek traté de pedir indicaciones con las dos palabras que sé de griego
    • The staff was very friendly - went to a great deal of effort to understand our pidgin Japanese!
    • Monica Ali tells Hasina's part of the story through her letters to her sister in pidgin Bengali, rendered into pidgin English.
    • The peddler approaches the narrator adopting a pidgin English.
    • A few of the authors transliterated carelessly, even incorrectly, into a sort of pidgin German.
    • However, the masses of the people prefer pidgin (popular) French, called Dioula.
    • No matter that Pa's knowledge of Japanese was confined to mostly pidgin from the Occupation a little over a decade earlier.
    • He also admits that his pidgin English was a serious handicap.
    • Yiddish is considered a combination of Hebrew and German - a sort of pidgin language.
    • Many residents understand and/or speak a pidgin English, which has become a lingua franca in the west-central Pacific.
    • It is as sophisticated as pidgin English can be.
    • I have heard well-meaning Bengalis complain that Vilayat Khan only spoke pidgin Bengali despite having spent a good part of his life in Kolkata.
    • With hundreds of traditional languages, literacy levels are low, including in the third official language, Bislama, a form of pidgin English.
    • They will speak pidgin science much as they now speak pidgin French.
    • They would sit around the table at night playing cards, nattering away in Italian and Anglo-Italian " pidgin ".
    • Why do we spend six years learning French in schools to emerge in adulthood with pidgin Franglais?
    • After a meal of chicken and fries, I asked the waiter, in my pidgin Arabic, "Where is the disco?"
    • It was comical, I have managed with my pidgin English and Polish keep both parties happy.