Translation of pie in Spanish:


pastel, n.

Pronunciation /paɪ/ /pʌɪ/

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    pastel masculine
    pai masculine Central America, Mexico
    (savory) empanada feminine
    (savory) pastel masculine
    • Biscuits, cakes, pastries, meat pies, sausages, hard cheese, butter and foods containing lard, coconut or palm oil all tend to be high in saturated fats.
    • Put the potato into a piping bag with a 2cm plain nozzle and pipe on to the meat mixture in the pie dish.
    • Pour the cooled sauce over the chicken and vegetables in the pie dish and cover with puff pastry.
    • There many meats, chickens, fruits and vegetables, pies and desserts.
    • Meat pies would be dished up with sauce squeezed by the lady behind the counter and full strength beers would be served in bottles.
    • For a main dish bake a pie with pumpkin, yam and potato.
    • My favourite dish is his pecan pie, unquestionably the best I've ever eaten.
    • Brigid secretly took a basket from the kitchen and stored some fruits, meats and pies in it.
    • For oven meals all you need are casserole dishes in a few sizes, a roaster, some pie plates for meat pies and quiches, and pizza pans.
    • The food basket was stuffed with savory meat pies, potato salad and a wonderful deep-dish apple pie for dessert.
    • Meat pies, joints of mutton, and other hearty foods are most likely to be served.
    • However, you won't end up with a well-balanced diet if you simply swap meat pies for cheese sandwiches and salt and vinegar crisps.
    • Pour the filling in the pie dish, and fold the flaps of dough over the borders of the filling.
    • Ella had her eye on a strawberry-topped pie with a pastry base and firm custardlike filling.
    • I grabbed the meat pies that I had baked out of the oven and threw them on a platter.
    • At least 75 per cent of our salt is found in processed foods such as ready-made meals, some breads and breakfast cereals, meat pies, soups, sauces, and cheese.
    • Shoppers can stock up on a wide range of goods including honey, free range eggs, organic vegetables, jams and chutney fresh meats, cheeses and pies.
    • Fill the pastry case with the pumpkin mixture and bake the pie on the hot baking tray for 15 minutes.
    • There was a market where men were selling hearty vegetables, fruit, and fresh meat pies that they had labored over to produce profit.
    • The trick here is to understand that you're eating a meat pie, and not some exquisite culinary treat.