Translation of piece rate in Spanish:

piece rate

pago por trabajo a destajo, n.


  • 1

    pago por trabajo a destajo masculine
    to work on piece rates trabajar a destajo
    • For example, assembly-line workers in a piece-rate compensation system may adapt their work strategies over time in response to reinforcement.
    • Here, powerful subcontractors hired and fired labourers on a piece-rate basis to perform specified tasks.
    • The simplest was the coming of a piece-rate system whereby workers contracted for completion in the short-term of a unit of work, such as cane cutting, loading, irrigating, or any number of other agricultural functions.
    • Weavers thus stand to earn much more in the union sector because they work in export factories, which pay a higher piece rate than subcontractors.
    • Those who worked in sweat shops worked harder and harder but then had their piece rate wages lowered.