Traducción de piggyback en español:


Pronunciación /ˈpɪɡiˌbæk/ /ˈpɪɡɪbak/


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    on piggyback a cuestas
    • give me a piggyback! ¡llévame a cuestas / a caballo!
    • Now, for that, give me a piggyback ride back up this hill.
    • Colin and I were walking up the road in town when he decided he would rather have a piggyback.
    • I'll give Mike a piggyback into the party so he can arrive in style……
    • ‘You can stay beside me, but no piggyback,’ Dallas said.
    • Did she really allow you to give her a piggyback?
    • My daughter just asked me for a piggyback ride and I had to pass.
    • Pilar rode piggyback on Evelyn's back all of the way to the front gate of the fair.
    • Kristin was getting a piggyback ride from someone else and we were talking about how pretty it all was.
    • They poke and slap at one another, while Victoria jumps on Sabrina for a piggyback ride.
    • I suggested to my girlfriend that I give her a piggyback ride to the phone.
    • And then he saw Jackson giving the boy a piggyback ride back into the house.
    • I slowed down and asked him for a piggyback ride.
    • Finally, he settled by giving her a piggyback ride.
    • So guess who was forced to give a piggyback ride?
    • He caught her and it almost looked like he was giving her a piggyback ride.
    • He was sitting on a picnic bench, leaning forward while Jane was grabbing on for a piggyback ride.
    • I jumped on his back for my piggyback ride downstairs.
    • He lifted me up on his back and gave me a piggyback ride downstairs.
    • He laughed and then grabbed her legs and ran around giving her a piggyback ride.
    • He gave me a piggyback ride into the main building, and didn't put me down even when we were inside.


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    a cuestas
    a caballo