Translation of pill in Spanish:


pastilla, n.

Pronunciation /pɪl/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(tablet)

      pastilla feminine
      píldora feminine
      • He was a very bright, socially sensitive, and insightful young man whose complaint was that he could not swallow pills or capsules.
      • Laxatives come as syrups, powders, and also as pills, which are swallowed or put inside the anus.
      • Your doctor may also ask you if you take any medicines such as birth control pills, laxatives or diet pills.
      • Remember that herbal medicines and vitamin pills can also be dangerous if taken if large doses, so store these out of reach too.
      • Don't leave medicines or pills lying around where children and toddlers can get at them.
      • Need for withdrawal from laxatives, diet pills, or diuretics.
      • If this is not helpful, your doctor may prescribe stronger steroids or antihistamine pills.
      • Patients may miss appointments, may not actually swallow the pills, or may deliberately regurgitate the medications.
      • She had been unable to obtain relief from over-the-counter medications, because she could not swallow pills.
      • The patient also may begin trying to take whole pills, one at a time, during this period rather than crushing them.
      • Most of us swallow our pills with a glass of juice or a swig of water.
      • The ability to swallow pills and pay for prescribed medication can also affect the outcome of therapy.
      • He takes a cup of water and swallows the handful of pills in one gulp.
      • They may be inhaled or swallowed as a pill or liquid.
      • Will we become immune to it and eventually need a whole pill to get the same results?
      • Many have swallowed the bitter pill and tried again, often with salutiferous effects.
      • I've been taking garlic pills, magnesium pills, an aspirin a day and vitamin C.

    • 1.2(contraceptive)

      the Pill la píldora (anticonceptiva)
      • to be/go on the Pill tomar/empezar a tomar la píldora

  • 2US informal, dated

    (boring, ineffectual person)
    pelmazo masculine informal
    pesado masculine
    pesada feminine