Translation of pinkie in Spanish:


meñique, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpɪŋki/

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    meñique masculine
    • She chewed grimly on the fingernail of her little pinkie, narrowing her eyebrows in frustration.
    • On a normal keyboard, the resting position for my left hand has my pinkie and ring finger touching the side of the keyboard.
    • The nails on her pinkie and index finger were crushed.
    • The two little girls locked pinkies, looked at each other, kissed their fist, spit on the ground, and kicked sand over it.
    • Roy smiles, and points his left hand at me, the pinkie and ring finger extended and others curled in.
    • He'd tear apart the whole city in fury if his granddaughter gets even a little scratch on her pinkie.
    • On the pinkie of her right hand she wears a large yellow jade stone set in diamonds, a traditional symbol worn by rich people to protect themselves from swindles.
    • All of his fingernails are short and dirty, except for the nail on his right pinkie, which is clean and long.
    • She pushed her sunglasses up on her short hair, licked her pinkie, and rubbed her viewing lens.
    • Her arms were crossed and her hands were curled in a fist, palm up, with her thumbs and pinkies sticking out.
    • Lynn nodded and twirled her brown hair around her pinkie finger.
    • The man across the table wearing a fur coat and had very long nails on his pinkies.
    • Kath held out her pinkie and Chloe hooked fingers with her.
    • He sticks his pinkie fingers in his mouth and whistles.
    • Taylor continues ranting a bit longer, winding a strand of bleach-blond hair around her pinkie.
    • Gill had surgery on a broken pinkie on his left, non-shooting hand.
    • You watch a movie from 10 years ago, and people have cell phones the size of their heads, while now they're the size of their pinkies.
    • I bet I could get my pinkie all the way in to the first knuckle.
    • Scraping those last lipstick remnants out the tube with your pinkie is one way to stretch your lip color.
    • He's got a lived-in face and a diamond on his pinkie the size of the Ritz.