Translation of pious in Spanish:


piadoso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈpaɪəs/ /ˈpʌɪəs/

Definition of piadoso in Spanish


  • 1

    (religious, devout)
    (person) piadoso
    pious hopes esperanzas infundadas
    • Now the third important point related to government regulation is the aim of religion education is to develop pious and devout students.
    • However, Bosch was an orthodox Christian, a member of the Brotherhood of our Lady, a pious religious confraternity.
    • Both feel deeply about nature and religion, and are devotedly pious to church and religion.
    • This is not a movie aimed at the religiously pious.
    • Somehow or other, by destiny, this sinner did perform a pious deed, and by that deed he became purified.
    • Of all the religions, the best religion is to repeat God's Name and to do pious deeds.
    • I was rather pious about my religion and thought I might be a priest.
    • But her mother, my maternal grandmother, was very pious and strict about religion.
    • By prayer and meditation the pious Buddhist enters into living communion with the heavenly Lord.
    • I am sure he and his comrades saw themselves as pious Muslims.
    • As pious Jews they had held that Yahweh alone was God and that no human being could be divine.
    • Even among the most pious, few could afford to neglect appearances.
    • When he enters, everybody falls to the ground in a very pious manner.
    • She was a very pious woman who despised anything that was not Christian.
    • But her mother, my maternal grandmother, was very pious and strict about religion.
    • She is deeply pious but also brave and fiercely protective of her son.
    • His supporters view his rise as just reward for a deeply pious man.
    • Children dress up as witches on Halloween, much to the dismay of certain pious Christians.
    • Both her father and mother were pious Christians who regularly conducted home devotions and faithfully attended church.
    • In fact, some of these would not be suitable for a more pious audience.
  • 2

    (sanctimonious, hypocritical)
    (person) beato
    (person) santurrón
    (person) pechoño Chile
    they could only offer pious platitudes no dijeron más que perogrulladas de beato
    • Yes, the new EU constitution has plenty of pious words about ensuring that there should be no unfair state aids and other subsidies.
    • Second, in the pious and hypocritical words of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, ‘we live in a country of laws where there can be severe consequences for those who break them.’
    • There is enormous hypocrisy surrounding the pious veneration of the Constitution and ‘the rule of law.’
    • I am referring to the word that means ‘insincere talk, especially concerning morals; pious platitudes’.
    • They have tried upon me all their various batteries of pious whining, hypocritical canting, lying and slandering.
    • He's a pious hypocrite and a greedy, petty, stupid, mean-minded crook.
    • We will doubtless hear some pious hypocrisies from Jack Straw.
    • The sheer supercilious, pious hypocracy fair takes the breath away.
    • Many pious words have been spoken in the past few days about bringing the country back into the European family, supporting democracy, fresh starts, and so on.
    • He said all the pious words about fresh air and cuddly animals but nothing about the obligations which might be imposed on industry.
    • We have more pious language, more platitudes, no clear definition, no consistency, and no clarity for those people who have to work under the Act.
    • Laid out on the table in front of me were the pious platitudes of Government Ministers responding to the loss of 350 permanent jobs in Donegal.
    • His answer to all these questions is the pious platitude, ‘one standard of citizenship’.
    • Yet it has evolved as the major challenge of our day, demanding responses beyond pious platitudes.
    • What stopped this from being a pious platitude was his accompanying insistence that the objective could be achieved by reform.
    • So it would be a mistake for Democrats to start sounding more pious.
    • If one is looking for pious platitudes, this is not the place to come.
    • Once again, there is no sign of any reaction from the United Nations beyond pious platitudes.
    • I mean, that sounds rather pious, but that is the way it is.