Translation of pirate in Spanish:


pirata, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpaɪrət/ /ˈpʌɪrət/

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  • 1

    (at sea)
    pirata masculine, feminine
    (flag/ship/raid) (invariable adjectivebefore noun) pirata
  • 2

    (of book, tape)
    pirata masculine, feminine
    (tape/video/copy) (invariable adjectivebefore noun) pirata
  • 3

    (in broadcasting)
    pirate radio station radio pirata

transitive verb

  • 1

    (book/tape/video) piratear
    a pirated copy una copia pirata
    • The DMCA assumes that the only reason to do any of this work is to pirate copyrighted works.
    • Other people shouldn't be able to profit from your work by selling pirated editions: that was the whole point of copyright law.
    • There is no color to it, and it seems to have been mastered from an old VHS home video tape pirated from the front row.
    • Although the software was popular, the software writer and his partner did not always get paid: hobbyists were pirating their work.
    • But copyright law did not apply internationally, which meant publishers overseas were free to pirate his works.
    • Stevens is no hero: he was found guilty in a separate case of selling pirated software.
    • The warning came from Business Software Alliance who have urged adults to teach children that downloading pirated software is illegal.
    • I also noticed that the article claims that 50,000 people in Mexico make a living selling pirated music.
    • Document 18 has heavy penalties for people who purchase or sell pirated software.
    • But an avalanche of English-language pirated copies of the film is spreading across China.
    • I find it hard to believe that Academy voters would care about pirating their copies.
    • Pirated copies of the latest Harry Potter are all over the city.
    • Firstly, with the emergence of DVDs and pirated VCDs, not many film buffs visit theatres anymore.
    • He said the conviction was the first he knew of involving a foreigner selling pirated DVDs.
    • Miguel has been selling pirated music to tourists and Cubans for almost twenty years.
    • "It doesn't allow people to pirate music, " Hammerton said.
    • Members learned the genre through pirated CDs and videos smuggled in from Turkey and Jordan.
    • Have you heard of anyone having pirated CD's confiscated at customs?
    • If necessary, he'll pirate his own movie to get it out there.
    • Now, that is because they're trying to prevent people from pirating the movie.