Translation of pistol shot in Spanish:

pistol shot

disparo de pistola, n.


  • 1

    disparo de pistola masculine
    • She kept it up and soon the guard shot off a pistol shot and a bundle of snow on a cliff fell atop the group.
    • That's his class picture there, back from the days he marched in the school band (he was the drum major) without firing a single pistol shot.
    • In a room where people unanimously maintain a conspiracy of silence, one word of truth sounds like a pistol shot.
    • There were no villains in that small apartment in San Jose when the single pistol shot was fired that night, only victims.
    • He raised his blade-wielding hand to cut me again, but the deafening sound of a pistol shot pierced the air and made us all freeze.
    • Oh fearful sound, a pistol shot crashing and reverberating across the small room.
    • On some nights, you can hear a pistol shot and the sound of a body falling down the stairs.
    • She remembered: ‘I ran for my life, expecting a pistol shot behind me any minute.’
    • Pornographers will tell you that laughter in a sex scene is like a pistol shot at a concert.
    • That was about when the pistol shot split the air.
    • They awaited the signal, which was to be a pistol shot.
    • Before they jumped into the getaway car and sped off, Conway snapped a pistol shot at the armored truck to vent his homicidal frustration.
    • As he turned around to motion for them to follow, a pistol shot went off, Spencer jolted and blood started flowing from his shoulder.
    • The bow released with a sharp snap sounding like a small-calibre pistol shot.
    • After thirty years I do not know whether the Official IRA unit, arriving after the Army shooting had ceased, fired one or two pistol shots.
    • After a service of remembrance, pistol shots were sounded across the grave and a canon fired a single shot.
    • Police said they were investigating one incident of ‘road rage’ in which a driver fired four pistol shots toward a car he claimed jumped its turn in a fuel line.
    • ‘I heard three single shots which sounded to me to be revolver or pistol shots,’ he said.
    • I was there, close enough to hear the three pistol shots.
    • It took just thirty-six days to go from two pistol shots to a Europe-wide war.