Translation of plagiarism in Spanish:


plagio, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpleɪdʒəˌrɪzəm/ /ˈpleɪdʒərɪz(ə)m/

Definition of plagio in Spanish


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    plagio masculine
    • Anyone with that academic background knows the serious consequences of plagiarism of words and ideas.
    • Students are particularly vulnerable to dangerous practices such as plagiarism.
    • Journalists don't have the monopoly on plagiarism, nor are they the worst offenders.
    • Practices that would not be considered to be plagiarism in a speech might be in a journalistic article.
    • Another main difference for me between now and then is that I no longer take plagiarism personally.
    • An accusation of plagiarism assumes not only that you can spot a repetition but that you know where originality lies.
    • These exchanges were seen as a healthy part of the distribution of information, not a form of piracy or plagiarism.
    • It is especially so when such papers are tainted with plagiarism and dirty school politics.
    • The accusations of plagiarism caught a lot of local and national media attention.
    • We have called him out several times on his blatant plagiarism in the Bahama Journal.
    • However not all accusations of plagiarism are deemed to be founded in fact.
    • Genuinely unaware of my plagiarism, I appear to have stolen this idea from Stuart.
    • When that becomes an acceptable practice, other forms of plagiarism don't seem so out of line.
    • He had no intention of letting some musical shark claim a share of his royalties and copyright fees on the strength of an accusation of plagiarism.
    • There have been some charges of plagiarism on account of this reference which to my mind are spurious and nonsensical.
    • It can be used to find more sophisticated cases of plagiarism or intellectual property theft.
    • We end this week's Science Show with a reminder that there is a grand tradition of plagiarism in some places.
    • Much ink and accusations of plagiarism have been spilled over the story's origins.
    • Towards the end, deception, fraud and plagiarism are laid bare.
    • The judge has already said that, although there are similarities between book and film, they do not appear to amount to plagiarism.