Translation of planet in Spanish:


planeta, n.

Pronunciation /ˈplænət/ /ˈplanɪt/

Definition of planeta in Spanish


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    planeta masculine
    • Kepler showed that a planet moves round the Sun in an elliptical orbit which has the Sun in one of its two foci.
    • Nasa astronomers said they had found the smallest planets yet orbiting stars beyond our Sun.
    • The planets all orbit the Sun in the same direction, with orbital planes inclined slightly to the ecliptic.
    • Measuring the changing brightness of a star can tell us whether there are planets orbiting around it.
    • The latest find is a system of three planets orbiting around a star previously thought to have only one.
    • Both depend on the gravitational attraction exerted on the parent star by orbiting planets.
    • Astronomers in the US reckon they've identified a tenth planet orbiting our sun.
    • If the candidate planet does orbit the brown dwarf, then the pair will move across the sky together.
    • The mass of the orbiting planet causes the central star to be pulled around in an orbit.
    • Gazing at the stars, planets and distant galaxies is a universal pleasure, but it's one denied to most of us.
    • Her school projects and papers were all about the stars, planets, and outer space.
    • There are brilliant people out there who search the very heavens and map the orbit of the stars and planets.
    • The problem is, you have to do these measurements for at least one full orbit of any planets that might be there.
    • Any planet with a stable orbit in that zone might be able to support life long enough for intelligence to evolve.
    • That the star Sirius has five planets is not something which anyone could conclusively verify at present.
    • It has ignited a drive to find more planets and smaller planets around more stars.
    • This professor is in charge of discovery of new planets and celestial bodies.
    • The kite is designed to take pictures of planets and asteroids around the solar system.
    • He had a model which showed the movements of the sun and the moon and certain stars and planets.
    • You can divide little objects out, not only the planets, but the nebula and clusters of stars.