Translation of plant in Spanish:


planta, n.

Pronunciation /plænt/ /plɑːnt/

Definition of planta in Spanish


  • 1

    planta feminine
    plant life vida vegetal
    • Eventually, it melts to supply water and nutrients to plants and aquatic organisms.
    • The satellites monitor the green pigment in plants, or chlorophyll, which leads to estimates of phytoplankton amounts.
    • As they grow, green plants and trees fix carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and convert it to tissue.
    • A restriction in leaf elongation in plants growing in drying soil is a well-reported phenomenon.
    • If a plant's DNA calls for a plant to grow long roots, then the plant grows long roots.
    • He found that the fungus causes the plant's roots to grow finer and more fibrous.
    • This is why plants could not develop on land until the ozone layer was formed through photosynthesis of plants and other biological organisms in the water.
    • For instance, plants grew leaves with new shapes, had different pigmentation, or hairy roots.
    • They are also responsible for the majority of the water uptake by the plant via their branch roots.
    • They crawl up the beach, and in their starvation eat the leaves of the wild plants found growing there.
    • As the leaves open on most trees and shrubs, a haze of light green surrounds the plants and herbs of the garden.
    • It covers large areas quickly and the plants absorb nutrients through the roots and the leaves.
    • Traits that permit recruitment on disturbed sites and allow plants to survive root and shoot damage are essential for survival in these habitats.
    • Green plants are the only organisms in the natural world that can make their own food.
    • Why didn't these early plants grow lots of leaves with few stomata?
    • He added the dry conditions have also turned some fields into dust bowls, which can blow material onto the leaves of plants and grass the cattle are consuming.
    • The soil needs to be enriched to remain a viable growing medium capable of supplying plants with nutrients and water.
    • The action spectrum of photosynthesis in green plants has principle peaks in the blue and red regions.
    • Root growth defines the extent to which a plant explores soil for water and mineral nutrients.
    • An example will demonstrate this: plants that grow near water are usually heavy, with big, dark green leaves that wilt and break easily.
    • Still, the same rule can be applied in a household garden when planting herbaceous plants and smaller shrubs.
    • However, in a few cases, seeds of plants cultivated in botanical gardens were also used.
    • The front garden also has numerous plants and shrubs.
    • This garden is packed with mature trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants.
    • Garden plants and shrubs and garden furniture all produced at Dove House will also be on sale during the afternoon.
    • Initially corn was a garden plant valued for early maturity and easy food preparation.
    • A member of the poppy family, the celandine plant is distinct for its golden yellow flower and bright orange milky juice.
    • Crab spiders are common and occur in fairly high numbers on most crops and garden plants.
    • Arizona's other urban pillar, Tucson, seems more in tune with the desert, and uses local trees and plants to landscape gardens and parks.
    • Domanic took pride in his vegetable garden with 20 tomato plants of various varieties.
    • Alpine and rock garden plants provide gardeners with a fantastic range to choose from and often produce disproportionately large or prolific numbers of attractive flowers.
    • Western Oregon had been very low on rainfall that year, and even the plants in our backyard garden were wilting.
    • It is an opportunity to buy unusual garden plants.
    • Thus, leaf N was greater than root N when tomato plants were grown on nitrate.
    • The leaves of plants within this family grow in opposite pairs; their stems are square.
    • In both cases, leaf water and osmotic potential was lower than that of plants grown under conditions.
    • Italians naturally have a ‘green thumb,’ and even those living in apartments grow plants in pots.
    • Grass and small plants are growing on top of the sandstone.
    • Aloe is a green plant that has long leaves with somewhat spiky edges.
    • Mature leaves of maize were taken from plants grown in the greenhouse during the summer.
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    • 2.1(factory, installation)

      planta feminine
      • The tariffs that protected these industries also encouraged heavy manufacturing, so that giant car plants were located on the fringe of the postwar city.
      • One of the most expensive departments in a car plant is the paint shop, so DeLorean saved the money and pretended that the brushed stainless steel finish was a style feature.
      • Avoid the oil refineries and industrial plants around the commercial shipping channel.
      • There are no industrial plants or factories in the region, and it is rich in parks and green areas.
      • A major arms manufacturer with a giant plant in Down District is to play a key role in a multi-billion pound aircraft carrier contract.
      • Under the new strategy, the cigarette plants and tobacco processing factories of the holding will be divided up to be sold separately.
      • Instead, he began the first of a succession of mundane jobs in factories and food processing plants.
      • The district includes a well-established urban area with large manufacturing and industrial plants that drive the local economy.
      • He traveled to two machine manufacturing plants and a steel factory in January over a three-day period.
      • But, as it has acquired mills processing plants, it has closed four in New England.
      • It is true that at macro-level, the huge industrial plants, big business and financial houses play a big role in overall economic considerations.
      • Scotland's volume manufacturing plants will increasingly find themselves competing for jobs with low-wage economies in Asia and eastern Europe.
      • Under the new rules, only designated plants are allowed to process poultry, which cannot be sold without a quarantine certificate.
      • These are old fashioned meat processing plants where they process a few animals a day, not thousands, as in factory farms.
      • Much like the beef processing plants of today, there have been several modifications to the technology of the modern beef machine.
      • He also asked for federal money to retrain workers and for tax breaks to help manufacturers outfit old plants with new equipment.
      • The report made the case for reducing the number of plants processing milk into butter, milk powder and curd from 11 to four.
      • In Yorkshire the crisis has also hit workers at four meat processing plants.
      • Huge amounts of capital are available to build new coal-fired electric power plants.
      • Raw sewage is flowing into the Cuyahoga because sewage treatment plants have been down.

    • 2.2(equipment)

      maquinaria feminine
      heavy plant maquinaria pesada
      • plant hire alquiler de maquinaria
      • The company auctions excess inventory such as industrial plant and machinery online, and claims the process is secure for both vendors and bidders.
      • The appellants were involved in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of plant and machinery for the steel manufacturing industry.
      • He says it has also set annual targets for operational efficiency, including plant and machinery downtime.
      • He said the secret behind the firm's success is that profits are ploughed back into the company to invest in new plant and machinery.
      • Heavy investment has been made in plant and machinery to ensure that each pudding is perfectly steamed over a specific period.
      • He could just sell plant and machinery to the company.
      • We produce none of the sophisticated plant, equipment and machinery we need to mine, catch or process what the earth gives us.
      • As the machinery and plant, plus the men, were all in good trim, they were convinced that no other obstacles, like those of the past would occur again.
      • The mining lease, machinery and plant, which had cost more than six thousands Pounds were sold at auction for just five Pounds.
      • It has already invested more than £1 million in new plant and machinery.
      • From now on motor vehicles will be treated the same as other plant and machinery and both categories will be allowed over a 5 year period.
      • But unlike plant and machinery, a new owner cannot sell staff and get a return.
      • Capital allowances are given instead, for plant, machinery and factory type premises.
      • The employer, it was said, was under a duty to take reasonable care to supply his workmen with proper plant and machinery.
      • Resources include plant and machinery, patents, brands, and skilled people.
      • It invests in plant & equipment, manufacturing a variety of vehicles and other products.
      • On November 25 he saw heavy plant and machinery in use.
      • Under a Government scheme, companies that purchase equipment and plant machinery can build up credit on their tax bill according to how much they invest.
      • Theoretically, an employee can claim a capital allowance for machinery or plant used in his employment.
      • Officers also stipulate that no plant or machinery should be installed or operated at the premises in connection with the use at any time.

  • 3

    • 3.1(incriminating item)

      he said the knife was a plant dijo que el cuchillo se lo habían colocado para inculparlo

    • 3.2(spy, agent)

      agente enemigo masculine, feminine
      agente de la oposición masculine, feminine
      infiltrado masculine
      infiltrada feminine
      • Elizabeth was convinced that Paul was a CIA plant there to spy on her.
      • I could tell she was a plant the minute she started speaking.

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (flower/trees) plantar
      (seeds) sembrar
      he planted the seed of suspicion in her mind sembró la sospecha en ella
      • For the last two years Joshua, a year four pupil at Moorhouse Primary School, has helped her to plant seeds, bulbs and plants and to tidy the garden.
      • In this paper we report on patterns of growth rings formed in four species of alpine forbs that were grown from seed and were planted in a restoration experiment on an alpine ski run in the Swiss Alps.
      • Now is the time to plan and plant flower bulbs for the holidays for both gifts and decorations.
      • To obtain information about the emergence of flower bud abortion, bulbs were planted parallel to the NMR measurements.
      • Second, nearly all of the seeds planted grow under the inducing conditions and can contribute to the next generation.
      • Do not use any strong commercial fertilizer or fresh manure when planting bulbs.
      • Nutrients were thoroughly mixed into the substrate, water was added to field capacity and the pots were incubated for 10 d in a glasshouse before seeds were planted.
      • Initially 2-4 seeds were planted in each pot; 2 weeks after germination the seedlings were thinned to one per pot.
      • Germinated seeds were planted individually in ceramic pots containing 300 ml of vermiculite, and then inoculated.
      • He helped with the seed planting at Corkwood and planted the seeds at Sand Ponds.
      • Thinking this might make a good sifter, she took one to the garden with her when she planted seeds.
      • We didn't have one in Rome, and at the villas there was always someone to plant seeds and prune flowers.
      • If in doubt which side is up, plant the bulb on its side and it will correct itself when it grows.
      • She enjoys planting the bulbs and watching the lilies grow and bud.
      • You won't find seedlings of swedes and turnips in your garden centre, so planting seeds are the go.
      • When moldy seeds are planted, seedling death results in poor stands.
      • Tomorrow, she planned to go back to the nursery to buy seeds she'd plant now that would grow and bloom in the spring.
      • If you have planted seeds in the past and they did not grow it is probably your fault
      • Thirty years ago we planted a seed that has grown into a strong and vibrant tree, but that tree needs sustenance, part of which is money.
      • If seeds are planted where the trees will be expected to grow later, consider the tree's sun and shade requirements.

    • 1.2

      (garden/hillside) plantar
      to plant sth with sth plantar algo de algo

      • fields planted with wheat
      • In August, open areas can be planted with perennial cover crops such as clover or sainfoin, sometimes called esparcet or holy clover.
      • We had a large kitchen garden and occasionally planted a small field of corn but we did not maintain a high operation farm like the majority of our neighbors.
      • A bit of a waste of a resource when we could be planting plantations on cleared land, instead of chopping down magnificent forests.
      • The terrace areas were subsequently planted with a variety of small shrubs.
      • The villagers have come from their gardens and planted the roadsides with daffodils.
      • On average, about 2,000 palms can be planted on such an area of land, Lee said.
      • This shrub can become very large in size, therefore needing a large area to be planted in.
      • Owen planted the grassy area known as Stockroute Park with olive and cypress trees, creating a Greek landscape.
      • Trees, including copper beech and mountain ash, are planted around the lawn area at the base of the garden to give a sense of scale.
      • If someone applied for resource consent for planting a large area in forestry, that would have a positive climate change effect.
      • These isolation areas were planted to wheat, soybean, or sorghum the previous year.
      • The children's play area was finished off yesterday, a fitness trail is being created and a mini-orchard and nature area will be planted in the coming months.
      • The Shakespeare Garden is planted with herbs referred to by Shakespeare in his plays, including mint, camomile, marjoram and lavender.
      • Many elementary schools have herb gardens that are planted and cared for by the students.
      • That building had been an eyesore for years, and was totally superfluous since its function was to raise seedlings for planting the parks around the place with fresh flowers.
      • Some areas were planted with alien conifers but these are slowly being replaced by native broadleaf trees that would have historically been found in the forest.
      • Those areas are not planted specifically for cutting, nor are they by any means flat.
      • As noted above, many of the areas being planted to oil palm are in wetlands.
      • No herbicides or pesticides are used on the garden, which was planted in early 1995.
      • There is off-street parking and a paved patio area to the rear, and the gardens are planted with lawns and rose bushes.

  • 2

    (flag) plantar
    (bomb) colocar
    (bomb) poner
    she planted a kiss on his cheek le dio un beso en la mejilla
    • to plant a punch on sb plantarle un puñetazo a algn
    • to plant one's feet on the ground plantar los pies en el suelo
    • she planted herself right next to me se me plantó / se me plantificó justo al lado
    • Next thing I know a quite attractive dark haired woman, in her late twenties I think, has wrapped her arms around my neck and planted a very solid kiss on my lips.
    • Then he grabbed me by the head and planted an enormous red kiss on my cheek.
    • He swivels his head towards her, planting a light sweet kiss on her lips.
    • Then quickly touch an unpainted part of your computer case and keep your feet planted in one position while installing your RAM.
    • This weekend, you can tour the wild world while planted squarely on a lowly beach towel, and it involves no down payments of your first born to evil sorcerers.
    • Given its recent history, the chances are that the Conservative Party will prove incapable of recognising the gift horse which the government has planted squarely in its mouth.
    • He planted him over extra cover for six, but edged his next delivery to the wicketkeeper to make it 44 for two.
    • Whereas memory brings the past to us, the imagination plants us in that lost world.
    • I turned to look and saw Ellyn, standing tall and barefoot in the sand, dressed in flowing white robes inlaid with golden filigree, and a spear as tall as she was planted in the sand beside her.
    • One of his first teaching jobs planted him in Listowel in the early 1970s, enriching and extending the relationship beyond football.
    • We were planted right in the middle of seven teams and it made me think we have to pick up maximum points against the countries below us and pick up points elsewhere.
    • The trick of forecasting and televising the weather has changed a bit since I was first planted in front of a television.
    • Sometimes career growth means blooming where you're planted.
    • She suddenly caught herself and pushed all these thoughts to the back of her mind, planting a smile across her face where the blank expression had been a moment before.
    • He wasted no time in planting a ball from him on to the roof of the club offices and although the Australian played with all his usual freedom he was generally forced to treat him with respect.
    • Then he won a ball out near midfield, beat three of four tackles on a powerful run before planting an unstoppable shot in the back of the net.
    • The centre forward rounded a defender before planting the ball expertly in the net to put Wicklow in front for the first time.
    • They appeared to leave a high ball to each other and he gladly ended any confusion by planting the loose ball into the open net.
    • He got on the score-sheet again when he played a nice one-two with his brother Thomas before planting the ball in the net.
    • With just seconds left on the clock, he picked the ball up on the left flank before racing towards the edge of the box and planting the ball into the top corner.
    • In a separate incident in Jebaliya, the army said it shot a man who was throwing grenades and planting a bomb.
    • Sources said that two time bombs were planted to destroy the antenna which exploded simultaneously.
    • His plan failed when he ran out of money for explosives and his conspirators planted the bomb next to the wrong support structure within the basement of the building.
    • Pipe bombs were planted on a window ledge of the house and beneath the van in the village of Cloughmills.
    • At the same time bombs were also planted at Oval and above ground at one of the Shepherd's Bush stations.
    • He was held as a material witness with supposed knowledge of a plot to plant a dirty bomb in the United States.
    • To use the classic example, one could claim that he had in custody a suspect believed to have planted a time bomb that, if not defused, would kill many innocents.
    • The game required that players deduce the location of an atom bomb planted by terrorists before it exploded.
    • According to recent reports, the SAS are using satellite tracking devices to pinpoint and kill suicide bombers as they utter their final prayers before planting their bombs.
    • A man accused of planting a car bomb spent hours ‘scouting’ the area near his victim's home, a court was told.
    • I condemn those responsible for planting the bomb.
    • As long as a single individual feels justified in firing a missile, or planting a bomb, or wielding a penknife, terror will never be totally defeated.
    • They allege that if they were terrorists they would have had no difficulty planting a bomb as they checked tickets, frisked fans and walked close to the pitch.
    • Two men were convicted for planting the bombs aboard the Cubana flight.
    • It was not immediately clear who planted the bombs.
    • Magistrates at the youth court in Trowbridge heard on Friday how the boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, put on an American accent and told staff a bomb was planted in one of the school buildings.
    • Saboteurs planted a bomb on that pipeline last night.
    • An estimated four million to six million land mines have been planted in Cambodia since 1967.
    • A land mine had been planted in the stadium during construction.
    • Another factor preventing their return is the thousands of land mines that were planted during the war.
  • 3

    • 3.1

      (drugs/evidence) (con el propósito de inculpar a algn) colocar
      to plant sth on sb colocar(le) algo a algn

      • they had planted the gun on him
      • I decided to plant an imposter cava among the seven authentic champagnes.
      • After all, if someone has gained control of a suspect's computer couldn't incriminated material be planted?
      • She probably made him plant false evidence to hide what really happened that day.
      • During the trial, the court was told police had smashed the drugs ring by planting a hidden microphone at their headquarters, Debbie's Diner.
      • She said she was given cash by him to buy drugs and told to plant them in the Point Inn in Quigley's Point, Inishowen.
      • His organisation was given millions of dollars to promote the cause which largely involved planting false information about him in the world's media.
      • The only thing that could change the outcome would be a conviction of a baggage handler at Brisbane or Sydney airport for planting the drugs in his bag.
      • Apparently he can convince the cops to plant drugs in her purse if she tries to leave the marriage with their daughter.
      • In Spain, a young teen is arrested after a drug dealer plants some hash in his backpack.
      • Mainly because it seems more likely that she was actually trafficking drugs than it is that someone planted them on her.
      • He's highly skilled at defeating surveillance systems, planting bugs and ferreting information from computer systems.
      • As an indicator, he was asked by the press if the guns found at Kraal were planted there, and he answered ‘No Comment’!
      • Or, as he has suggested, where they deliberately planted in order to discredit the White House?
      • He enlivened one spring camp in Cocoa, after the club switched to Florida, by planting a young but very alive cobra in another player's foot locker.

    • 3.2

      (agent/informer) infiltrar
      (agent/informer) colocar
      • He was in fact an undercover officer planted by the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office.
      • As for him, he's convinced that he is an agent who's been planted to subvert India.
      • They combined nobility of thought with practical incapacity; they did not spot the Gestapo informer planted on them.
      • The task of counterintelligence is to figure out what the other side is doing, how they are deceiving us, what double agents they have planted in our midst.
      • She took out her gun and prepared herself for the battle she thought would end her life, unaware that the Agent planted was also at the scene.
      • He, for instance, is both a criminal boss and a carefully planted police agent.
      • Imagine their outrage if Democrats tried to plant a guy like this in the press corps!
      • Some of my friends think that he was planted by the producers.
      • Now it turns out the question read by him was planted by a newspaper reporter.
      • They seem to have done two things, take their time to study our operations and plant people at every level of the CPA administration.
      • The party had said it did not support the man and that he was planted by him to split his vote.
      • Actors were planted in the audience, fitted with specially adapted costumes.
      • We were not told where we were going, for security reasons - it seemed they might have planted spies among them.
      • Indeed, there were rumors that a paranoid White House was planting informants in newsrooms and even tapping reporters' phones.

intransitive verb

  • 1