Translation of plaster in Spanish:


yeso, n.

Pronunciation /ˈplæstər/ /ˈplɑːstə/

Definition of yeso in Spanish


  • 1

    • 1.1Building
      (powder, mixture)

      yeso masculine
      (on walls) revoque masculine
      (on walls) enlucido masculine
      • This demolition exposed ‘stripes’ of structure throughout the existing plaster walls and ceilings.
      • If you are nailing over a lath and plaster ceiling, longer nails may be needed.
      • The nature of their decoration, whether by painted plaster on walls or ceilings, or by tessellated and mosaic floors, compares well with that from the countryside.
      • Since you mentioned that your walls are plaster as opposed to drywall, this makes things a little easier.
      • The only function of plaster on walls and ceilings, unless it is itself elaborately decorative, is to serve as a smooth surface on which to place decorative paper or paint.
      • In addition to a softer color, color washing can accentuate the texture of your plaster or stucco walls.
      • The floor is wood, the ceiling is gypsum board, and the walls are part plaster on masonry and part gypsum board on randomly spaced framing.
      • Mineral fiber tile ceilings have replaced plaster and wallboard ceilings.
      • Joists are the framing members in the ceiling that the plaster or drywall is attached to.
      • Drywall can be used to cover conventional bare stud walls or damaged lath and plaster walls.
      • Ceiling medallions over 20 inches in diameter and all plaster ceiling medallions require mechanical fastening.
      • Gouges or holes in the walls must be repaired with wall board compound, spackle, or patching plaster.
      • The pale green plaster fireplace wall of the master bedroom includes niches for books and artwork.
      • With its high ceiling and original ornamental plaster coving, marble fireplace, vast mirror and chandelier, it could be the set for a period drama.
      • Cracks gaped in building walls, and chunks of plaster fell from ceilings.
      • To make such a rectangular and austere space appropriate for music, walls are treated with acoustic plaster and ceilings are absorbent too.
      • Both rooms have been stylishly decorated to highlight period features such as marble fireplaces and decorative plaster ceilings.
      • The storage room has exposed brick and plaster walls, a stone floor and an unusual ox's harness chandelier.
      • Wall materials such as stucco, cement, brick, plaster, stone, and block are most resistant to high temperatures.
      • Across the hall is a spacious drawing room with a large bay window, ornate marble fireplace, decorative plaster coving and ceiling rose.
      • Mother had inadvertently used plaster of Paris instead of flour.
      • Mix dry plaster of Paris with water until you have a thick, pudding-like consistency.
      • I watch her sifting plaster of Paris through her fingers as she sprinkles it slowly onto limp water.

    • 1.2

      plaster (of Paris) yeso
      • to have one's leg in plaster tener la pierna enyesada
      • to put sb's arm in plaster enyesarle el brazo a algn

  • 2British sticking plaster

transitive verb

  • 1

    (wall/room) revocar
    (wall/room) enlucir
    (cracks) rellenar con yeso
    • My walls and ceiling were plastered and at some point covered with wallpaper.
    • Over time, plaster walls and ceilings may develop stress-cracks.
    • The brick walls were plastered over with lime of which some traces can be seen.
    • The stone walls were plastered and colorfully painted, and there was a fireplace on the central wall.
    • The more familiar you are with your materials, and the larger you make your test patches, the fewer the surprises you'll find when plastering the walls for real.
    • The occupants say the walls are already cracked and the builders did not finish the floors or plaster the walls.
    • Inside, the walls were all plastered and painted pale colours with cream carpets - very novel for the early 1970s in Ireland.
    • Much to the surprise of the construction crew, all the interior walls were plastered and given a coat of white.
    • The high ceiling and the upper walls were plastered and whitewashed, a brilliant white in the illumination from skylights.
    • The brick walls will be plastered and painted and there will be improvements to toilets and disabled access with work starting in the next few weeks.
    • I have plastered the kitchen ceiling and have not even charged her for it.
    • To prepare for finished floors it was necessary to plaster the walls of the hall.
    • They were doing some renovation work in some rooms, and in one, a worker was plastering the ceiling.
    • The sloped ceilings were plastered, the cream plaster discolored in places, completely broken away in others.
    • The DIY project involved creating ten special bays where students could learn skills ranging from wiring a plug to plastering a wall, she added.
    • They've had a call from the tenant who says that the shower is leaking into the apartment below and he thinks it's because the surrounding walls are plastered, not tiled.
    • Almost always, the walls are plastered and whitewashed.
    • However, the outside walls were never plastered and asbestos was the material used for the roof.
    • There are a couple of possible scenarios here that depend on how your wall was plastered.
    • Behind an apparently innocent piece of wall was a secret doorway that had been plastered over and sealed.
    • Meanwhile there is a real danger that Scotland is becoming a place where everyone has a degree, but nobody can fix your sink or plaster your wall.
  • 2

    • 2.1(cover)

      they plastered the wall with posters cubrieron / empapelaron la pared de afiches
      • she plastered herself with make-up se pintarrajeó toda

    • 2.2(smear)

      • Sainsburys really got behind Comic Relief, plastering their stores in red noses.
      • Commercial Alert is appealing to journalists not to use the corporate names in sports articles - he says plastering ads in stories blurs the line between editorial and advertising.
      • Both sexes are plastered with band logos on bags, T-shirts, patches - Slipknot, Korn, The Deftones.
      • Today's papers are plastered with yesterday's terror threats.
      • It is sponsored by beer company Tecate, and many of the vehicles are plastered with corporate logos, such as those of Honda and Red Bull.
      • Campaigners also fear the wall will be plastered with offensive graffiti and the flat surface will encourage children to sit on the top, only inches from a sheer drop to the sea and rock armour below.
      • Come December every other house will be plastered in the tackiest of tacky flashing lights and we will laugh, regaling each other with sightings of aesthetic atrocities.
      • At an exhibition in the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham earlier this year, she recreated Stroke by plastering the walls of one room with chocolate.
      • Inside the bar every available wall and doorway was plastered with ‘no smoking’ signs of varying sizes.
      • And in her front room every inch of wall space was plastered with album covers, clocks, pictures, newspaper cuttings and a large Ziggy Stardust mirror.

  • 3US informal

    darle una paliza a informal
    we really plastered them les dimos una buena paliza
    • It flies from every third building, it is emblazoned on shop displays, plastered on the bumpers of cars, and scrawled on anti-war banners.
    • His company had plastered posters and media stories around the area telling everyone that track repair work would mean no trains that day and advertising replacement buses.
    • You have to wonder why he should want his life story plastered all over the daily papers.
    • The reason that the face is fresh in my mind is because it's plastered all over LA.
    • His picture's plastered all over the programme.
    • Why aren't stories like this plastered all over the mainstream media?
    • Seeing signs plastered everywhere has got me wondering about how it is organised, and now I know.
    • Open any national newspaper and you will find her plastered all over the pages, largely on the grounds of her weight gain.
    • It was a light purple, with pictures of the three of us plastered everywhere.
    • Seeing signs plastered everywhere has got me wondering about how it is organised, and now I know.
    • The press then mysteriously get involved and it's plastered all over the front pages.
    • Political posters are plastered all over the walls and even on the concrete security barriers.
    • There were posters and tattoo designs plastered all over the walls.
    • The correspondence from them came on KPMG letterhead, with the logo plastered on every page.
    • The following decades saw the surfer image plastered on billboards and glossy ads.
    • Her image is plastered on billboards and bedroom walls all over Korea.
    • His face has been plastered on billboards just about everywhere.
    • More letters about those ludicrous mission statements that counties seem obliged to plaster everywhere.
    • The villagers are wide-eyed with superstition, and crucifixes are plastered everywhere.
    • How much of this explosive information was plastered across the front pages of the Australian media?
    • The support-by-fire elements plaster the T-80's area with machine gun fire and main gun rounds.
    • The enemy plastered the troops in this position, particularly from the air, where he was unmolested, and followed the bombardment by a further attack on our position.