Translation of platform in Spanish:


plataforma, n.

Pronunciation /ˈplætfɔrm/ /ˈplatfɔːm/

Definition of plataforma in Spanish


  • 1

    • 1.1(raised structure)

      plataforma feminine
      (for orator) estrado masculine
      (for orator) tribuna feminine
      (for band) estrado masculine

    • 1.2Railways

      andén masculine
      • The camera fast tracks along a London train station platform as the passengers disembark and rush toward us.
      • A family of drunken louts have been sent to jail for train hooliganism and fighting police on the platform of York Railway Station.
      • They land on the platform of the railway station.
      • Rail chiefs say the whistle is so loud it makes passengers hurry onto trains rather than dawdling along the platform - and makes trains stick to timetables.
      • Strathclyde Police spent six hours looking for the boy until he was noticed by railway staff on the platform of Macclesfield Station in Cheshire shortly before 9pm.
      • In March 1955 family members paid a penny each to venture onto the platform at York Railway Station to wave off newly-weds Gladys and Bernard Hewitt.
      • The Prince of Wales got a warm welcome when he stepped on to the platform at Skipton Railway Station on Monday for his fourth visit to the area in as many years.
      • It means that goods can be transferred on passenger platforms on the railways - perfect for low-volume rail distribution in remote areas or even city centres.
      • Escalators and elevators await arriving passengers from both subway platforms at the Howard Beach station.
      • They also say that loving someone, even though you know that particular someone will never love you back, is like waiting at the platform of a train station for a taxicab.
      • The grainy footage, broadcast on television, showed other passengers on the platform and on the train looking stunned.
      • If passengers have tickets or if someone is on the platform, the train stops.
      • It is within sight of the main platform of the train station but inaccessible except by car or a long trudge down suburban streets.
      • We saw one passenger running on the platform trying to get the train to stop with no luck.
      • There is also a platform for special passenger trains that is only in use when a race is on.
      • While effective separation on mainline long-distance passenger trains was long entrenched, station platforms and suburban trains in the Cape were not so tightly controlled.
      • Incidents of vandalism, rowdiness and violence on trains and railway platforms have been well documented in the pages of the Keighley News.
      • When did you know you would create a subway platform?
      • Workers created a railway platform and dressed up as characters from the hugely popular children's books.
      • A replica of the elephant Bholu stands on the platform, welcoming the visitors into the 12-coach exhibition on wheels.

    • 1.3(on bus)

      plataforma feminine
      • A clumsy addition will detract from its appearance, but a modern glass extension at ground level or a viewing platform at the top could provide an exciting contrast to the stone facade and give you plenty of light.
      • The climax of the journey is the viewing platform on the top level.
      • You stand on the viewing platform and squint, trying to work out who the guy with the moustache and glasses is.
      • They go to stand on the viewing platform, teetering like divers on the precipice of hell, and click their camera shutters at the 16 acres of emptiness below.
      • Dustin decided to run; Poe was still hoisting Gin up onto the rock platform he stood on, and couldn't help him.
      • While you're here you can make the pilgrimage to Ground Zero and stand on the viewing platform to stare at the stony emptiness below.
      • Workers wear special harnesses and stand on carefully constructed platforms, supported by a scaffolding system that is almost as complex and labyrinthine as the bridge itself.
      • A tall hooded figure, standing on the platform, raised a rose standard high above his head.
      • Consider the fact that a rider can stand still on its platform, supported only by two wheels on either side, and not roll off in either direction.
      • It now sits at Fort William, complete with a viewing platform and floodlighting for visitors to observe the train revolving.
      • The six stood on the landing platform at the base of the yacht's ramp and simply stared at each other for a few seconds.
      • Standing on another lofty viewing platform, visitors could experience the exhibition itself in a similar way.
      • They stood on the platform and they were beamed down to the surface.
      • To the north of the block, a tower rises to provide a viewing platform that overlooks the whole site.
      • There is also a very unusual raised wooden platform with the bed at its heart.
      • A guard had dropped another large execution device they were carrying up the stairs to the raised wooden platform.
      • A group of Tafe students have got their hands dirty, building a viewing platform that overlooks Sunset Beach.
      • The lord and his family ate on a raised platform at one end of the hall.
      • The plans are believed to include provisions for a public viewing platform at the top of the structure.
      • Lawrence grabbed the gun on the platform in front of him.

  • 2

    • 2.1(opportunity to air views)

      plataforma feminine
      tribuna feminine
      • Under Russia's media laws it is prohibited to give terrorists a platform to voice their views.
      • They also provide an employee with an opportunity to clear the air, express opinions about how their own expectations have or have not been met, and provide a platform for them to voice any grievances.
      • This new programme will deal with topical issues and news stories of the day and provide a platform for listeners' views.
      • A few months later, when the research project was completed, Women Without Borders was officially launched to provide a platform where voices of women could be heard.
      • Everybody has a view and their own set of interests and the Web provides a valid platform for sharing this voice.
      • This has become an important event providing a platform for views and performances.
      • Heller has given a platform to many other voices.
      • And we will give them a platform for their views.
      • ‘My hope is that Checkpoint can give a platform to these other voices, these other perspectives,’ he says.
      • I'm not a particularly political person, and this space, over the years, has never been a platform for my personal views or beliefs.
      • Last series, he interviewed the Burmese ambassador to Britain under the guise of ‘giving him a platform to express his views’.
      • It's not just that there are more than 500 sessions - but virtually every session in turn has a range of different views on the platform.
      • With Underground Codes, she provides a platform for a national discussion on race and crime in America.
      • He has stayed to have a platform for his views on Europe.
      • Well, it's a great opportunity to have a platform on which you can get out the ideas that you think work.
      • People, young and old, from across all communities, races and creeds have had a platform to express those views.
      • I may not like the idea of the woman's views being given a platform with no critique, but that is a valid editorial decision.
      • I can't help but feel that I should take advantage of this opportunity of a free platform to say something.
      • The congress served as a platform for celebrating the policies of the new French government and its right-wing leaders.
      • This is why it never even occurred to Rudd or Gillard to utilise the leadership contest as a platform to elaborate policy differences and fight to win new adherents.

    • 2.2(program)

      plataforma feminine
      programa masculine
      • I also say a big thank you to the people in the Labour Party who accepted this measure as a policy platform at the last election.
      • The 1964 platform of the Republican Party did allow tax credits for those burdened by the costs of higher education.
      • The Party platform and election policy are the items of faith upon which trade unions and their members commit to work for the election of Labor Governments.
      • But line up conservative religious values next to the current platform of the Republican party and the pieces fit like a jigsaw puzzle.
      • In 1980, however, the Democratic Party platform explicitly declared its support for the Supreme Court's ruling.
      • In the course of the press conference the elected officials sought to distance themselves from anything in the Green Party platform that remotely resembled socialism.
      • The Republican Party platform of 1952 included a vehement attack on communists.
      • The Democratic Party platform called for federal aid to education administered by the states.
      • The passage of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act is listed in the Republican Party platform as one of the successes of the Bush administration.
      • Even the state sovereign immunity and anti-commandeering cases seem to comport with the Republican Party platform.
      • Who's to say you can't elect a party on a platform of elimination of government in a democratic system?
      • Another encouraging development was the Democratic Party platform of 1916.
      • Today, a sense of the common good, while retaining a central place in Catholic thought, does not fit easily into the platform of either political party.
      • However, to everyone's surprise, he almost won a seat in the election by running on a radical platform the Democratic Party had been unwilling to take up.
      • He was also a leading figure in the drafting of the Republican Party's national security platform in the 2000 election.
      • We refer him to Labor Party policy and platform and suggest that if he has signed his membership forms, the rest should follow naturally.
      • A vote for me will not be wasted, but will be a vote for a socialist political platform.
      • The referendum was part of the Liberal party's election platform.
      • When I was federal Labor spokeswoman on employment I incorporated social enterprises into the party's election platform.

  • 3

    • 3.1(on shoe)

      plataforma feminine
      • These leather sandals aren't platforms, but they look so glamorous that I couldn't resist mentioning them.
      • And of course, it is only in the world of Miuccia that it's ok to wear stockings with sandal platforms and still look so elegant.
      • ‘My name is Tzachi,’ he said with an accent as thick as his platforms.
      • Shannon spotted Mel lingering in the middle of the commons area, so she high-tailed it as fast as she could in her thick platforms.
      • There was fashion in footwear too, with a mix of high-heels and platforms, though the trend was to keep it simple and comfortable.
      • He comes with a collection of satin platforms, kitten heels and jewel-encrusted flats, and if shoes aren't your bag, maybe handbags are.
      • These platforms are about 3 inches high but they are amazingly comfortable I would say even more comfortable than my 1 inch shoes.
      • After several seasons of wedgies and platforms reigning supreme on the streets and in the malls, this year, heels run the gamut.
      • I chose a red tube top, black denim mini skirt with matching black denim jacket and red strappy platforms.
      • Her boots were tall platforms that extended to her mid-thigh.
      • They were knee boots, shiny black platforms with shiny silver buckles.
      • For women, the silhouette has slimmed down from chunky platforms to a flat with a low or stiletto heel.
      • With conventional high heels, the length from ball to heel of a woman's foot limits the shoes' height, but there is no limit with platforms.
      • She also wore her platform sandal shoes which she brought from home.
      • And I really want those platform shoes seen at the end of this collection!
      • I wore a stretchy blank tank top, faded jeans, and platform sandals.
      • One participant completed the course dressed as Wonder Woman in red, glittery platform boots.
      • I also had on my PVC jeans and high-heeled platform boots if I remember rightly.
      • She was wearing black platform boots that were laced up with silver lace.
      • Whatever, I know that I want to wear those 7 " platform heels that I bought in Brighton.

    • 3.2also platform shoe

      zapato de plataforma masculine
      topolino masculine Spain

  • 4

    plataforma feminine
    • The days of multiple hardware platforms and operating systems working with multiple databases and software configurations within one enterprise are coming to a close.
    • We plan to support more hardware platforms and operating systems.
    • One aspect of using hardware platforms for enabling software is that it inevitably requires porting of existing software solutions onto the platform.
    • A common hardware platform can make this task easier.
    • Multiple hardware platforms for digital photography can currently be used in a pathology laboratory.
    • The number of devices, screen sizes, operating platforms, and support levels for small-screen browsing is mind-numbing.