Translation of pleasant in Spanish:


agradable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈplɛz(ə)nt/

Definition of agradable in Spanish

adjective pleasanter, pleasantest

  • 1

    (day/weather/smell/taste) agradable
    (day/weather/smell/taste) bueno
    what a pleasant surprise! ¡qué agradable / grata sorpresa!
    • it makes a pleasant change es un cambio que resulta agradable
    • pleasant dreams! ¡que duermas bien!
    • Was there some other happy or less pleasant episode in her life that she felt she could commemorate?
    • Sometimes it seems that we ourselves can cause the enjoyment of pleasant objects.
    • Religion sets down rules with the aim of making society a pleasant happy place in which to live.
    • So it was a pleasant surprise, then, when I was up at a decent hour this morning.
    • The fish was a pleasant surprise as I found it really meaty - full of texture and taste.
    • It was a pleasant surprise, after all this, to find that the book is a very professional piece of work.
    • It was more than a pleasant surprise and I ate a small part of my body weight in the stuff.
    • It was a very pleasant evening and one that looks like it's going to become a regular occurrence.
    • There will be refreshments during the interval to ensure a pleasant evening for all.
    • Nowhere did it say they'd all be on the one paper, so that was a pleasant surprise.
    • If the grand old manor house is anything to go by we are in for a pleasant surprise.
    • This courtesy came as a very pleasant surprise and we were more than willing to wait.
    • Not all surprises are pleasant or harmonious, of course, but this one has a harmonious air.
    • After a dull and wet bank holiday, I was looking forward to a pleasant evening in the theatre.
    • Take a look around your stretch of coastline, you could get some very pleasant surprises.
    • You can feel the force in her acting now and it's such a very pleasant surprise.
    • At the outset, if her work was good, it would be a pleasant surprise for everyone.
    • To win both races has been a pleasant surprise, but the success is full deserved.
    • I arrived back home on Sunday evening after a few pleasant days to see gritters at work.
    • This is proving to be one of the most balmy and pleasant of Autumns I can ever remember.
  • 2

    (friendly, polite)
    (person) simpático
    (person) agradable
    (smile/manner) agradable
    he's a very pleasant young man es un joven muy agradable
    • try to be pleasant this evening esta noche trata de ser amable
    • A social worker who had worked with Fraser since described her as a lovely and pleasant girl.
    • When the most pleasant person you meet on your way in is the ticket inspector, you know things are bad.
    • He was, by all accounts an extremely pleasant person and of the highest integrity.
    • Increases in sales are more likely to stem from a good service and a pleasant manner.
    • He was an easy going pleasant man to deal with and he had a nice way of giving good or bad news.
    • Andrew Wallace is a pleasant lad who seeks little glory but wants to do well in life.
    • She is a very pleasant girl who gets on with everybody and we are very proud of her.
    • He was very pleasant, even though he's obviously signed a lot of autographs today.
    • She is now a bright, pleasant child of ten months who is on the waiting list for a donor.
    • If you get a pleasant assistant, you can come out of the store feeling all is well with the world.
    • He was pleasant and talkative, but I'd never have imagined he could be so unmerciful.
    • It was the first time I had met the pleasant bloke, though he had registered four years back.
    • Blond and vivacious, Sarah was always a pleasant patient to have on the morning list.
    • I return to the same man on the cash desk and he is very pleasant, wishing me an enjoyable evening.
    • He was a quiet and reserved man, but so pleasant in his manner that he became a favourite with the nurses.
    • Not only did Anderson find animators more pleasant company but the genre itself drew him in.
    • Margaret was a pleasant and courteous lady who was very well liked by all who knew her.
    • Yet people who have met Gray tell me he is perfectly affable and pleasant, if a bit miserable.
    • Although anger simmered right under the surface, my voice was pleasant and calm.
    • I think he was a good family man and would have been perfectly pleasant to me.