Translation of pleasurable in Spanish:


placentero, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈplɛʒ(ə)rəb(ə)l/

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    • Taking a walk for exercise, or to walk a dog for that matter, is thus no longer a pleasurable activity.
    • Angus, crouching over a keyboard in the corner, waited in pleasurable anticipation for his entry.
    • It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and was made all the more pleasurable by the glorious warm sunny weather.
    • She tangled her hands in his hair, loving the soft feel of it, reveling in the sheer pleasurable delights she was being swept up in.
    • We hope your stay among us in this lovely and unspoilt part of North Mayo will be pleasurable.
    • Still, this is certainly one of the most pleasurable new collections I've read this year.
    • Because of the uniqueness of each individual, what is pleasurable for one person may not be for another.
    • Apparently, for the true chocoholic, just thinking about chocolate can evoke a pleasurable response.
    • The experience was made even more pleasurable by the weather: the forecasters had predicted wind and rain.
    • Thailand enjoys one of the world's most pleasurable climates with three distinct seasons.
    • On a raining day, to sit in the bridge pavilion and chat with friends is one of the most pleasurable experiences.
    • I could not help but compare this brief encounter to an altogether less pleasurable experience earlier this year.
    • But I find it's only a pleasurable experience if everyone sticks to the rules.
    • The fact that it was pleasurable, of course, offered the incentive to undertake the activity.
    • What could be more shameful, or more pleasurable, in California today?
    • Boating through this stretch was once a pleasurable experience for tourists.
    • The trip is open to all and promises to be a very pleasurable experience.
    • It was the first of many pleasurable sensations over the next 45 minutes.
    • It's much more pleasurable to be the one who swans in and starts the party.
    • Envy is not a pleasurable emotion nor one that human beings will attempt to modulate.