Traducción de plucky en Español:


valiente, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈpləki/ /ˈplʌki/

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adjetivo pluckier, pluckiest

  • 1

    (person) valiente
    (person) corajudo
    (team) con garra coloquial
    (attempt) valeroso
    • It represents Londoners as brave, plucky individuals determined to carry on with their lives come what may.
    • But not only has the plucky youngster fought her way back to fitness, she has also excelled herself in the world of sport.
    • But the plucky youngster has now made a full recovery and is looking forward to a happy Christmas with her family.
    • The plucky youngster had to wait two years after her cancer treatment was complete before the operation could be carried out.
    • The plucky youngster managed to kick his attacker in the kneecap before getting free and running home.
    • The plucky pastor finally found the courage to tackle the hissing intruder.
    • Of the rest, Belgium was unlucky, despite giving a plucky performance in every game.
    • Anyway, full marks for a plucky young lady, who braved this despite the fact that the water was very cold.
    • The plucky farmer is understood to have startled the thief who eventually broke free and made his escape to a waiting car.
    • The plucky teenager managed to attend yesterday's ceremony despite being rushed into hospital earlier this week.
    • But seconds later the plucky rider had regained her composure and remounted her animal.
    • But the plucky pensioner fought back, trying to push his attacker back outside his front door.
    • But the plucky terrier survived - and emerged as the proud mother of two healthy pups.
    • It's not ideal but then it's a plucky, little club which thrives on the unexpected.
    • A plucky pensioner told today how he was battered in the face by an armed robber as he bravely prevented a post office raid.
    • Being both a princess and plucky, she not only survived all this but grew up to become a great and resplendent Queen.
    • Now staff at the surgery where she is being treated are trying to find a good home for the plucky pet who has already won their hearts.
    • A plucky woman kept a tight grip on her handbag during a tussle with a would-be robber.
    • A plucky teenager successfully sued her own dad to force him to provide for her university education.
    • Two plucky pensioners fought off a burglar who forced his way into their home.