Translation of plumber in Spanish:


gásfiter, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpləmər/ /ˈplʌmə/

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    gásfiter masculine, feminine Chile
    plomero masculine
    plomera feminine
    fontanero masculine Central America, Spain
    fontanera feminine Central America, Spain
    gasfitero masculine Peru
    gasfitera feminine Peru
    • When the plumber fitted the new central heating/water system he fitted a manual shower mixer tap for us.
    • It became apparent there was too much water for the plumber to pump away, so the fire brigade was called in.
    • Four plumbers have told me that the main line is clogged with roots, and they want thousands of dollars to replace it.
    • The thaw after heavy snowfall meant that plumbers were inundated with calls to repair burst pipes.
    • On Saturday, just before the water went off, our plumber Geoff came round and disconnected it and fixed the pipes.
    • The only good news is that there should no longer be a shortage of traditional tradesmen such as plumbers and electricians.
    • Hundreds of jobs are expected to be created for local joiners, plumbers, painters and electricians.
    • You also have to hire electricians and plumbers to complete the house's services.
    • At the moment, the Council's plumbers install and maintain all the Council's water meters.
    • The pipe is completely intact and judged by both plumbers to be in excellent condition for its age.
    • So the plumber has gone to the hardware store for supplies and will be returning soon.
    • A plumber will do this by applying force to a copper pipe in a pipe bender.
    • He told me that the plumber will need to turn off the water for about an hour to fix it.
    • You can buy it in a kit, but you will need a plumber to help you connect the system to the boiler.
    • The council agreed to obtain plumbers ' quotes to install a washbasin.
    • You are unlikely to be able to fit your sink yourself, as a plumber needs to connect the pipework.