Translation of plush in Spanish:


felpa, n.

Pronunciation /pləʃ/ /plʌʃ/

Definition of felpa in Spanish


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    felpa feminine
    (toy) (before noun) de felpa
    (toy) (before noun) de peluche
    • After a few washing they're very soft and flexible but not at all plush like a cotton towel.
    • In all there are ten minute top hats of black silk plush and grey felt and one black felt bowler.
    • Jordan laughed and sat Blake down on one of the three plush couches in her huge family living room, right next to Maria.
    • She took out a picture frame, made of plush, and shaped like a funky flower.
    • She looked down at Loki and Rose on her plush, quilted rug, as they slowly began to stir.
    • Ethan, Mary, and Emy sat on one side of the carriage upon plush seats covered in crimson velvet.
    • Fireplaces, vaulted ceilings, and plush, comfy couches furnish the buildings at both sites.
    • Lucas flung his body into a leather armchair, and as he sank down into its plush cushions he realized how tired he was.
    • Inside the seats were covered in red satin and plush pillows rested in the corners for relaxation.
    • I kicked off my sandals and folded my legs up underneath me on the long red plush couch that ran down one side of the bus.
    • I was in a beautiful and cushy room, with maroon painted walls and plush chairs all around.
    • At the bottom of the basements stairs that led down into the room was a table and chairs and two plush seats.
    • There were two plush chairs on the other side of the desk, and Margret and Andrew sat there.
    • They walked in and sat down in plush chairs next to a fireplace, looking out the window.
    • In the middle of the room, two plush chairs sat side by side in front of a burning fire.
    • She slumped in her seat and propped her feet on the plush one across from her.
    • Jo pushed back the plush, mahogany stool she was sitting on and made as if to rise.
    • He ran his empty hand over the plush, red sofa marvelling at its softness, its richness.
    • Many moviegoers appreciate the cleanliness and the plush seats available made at multiplexes.
    • With a hot chocolate in my hand, I selected one of the plush seats near the door and settled down to read a book.


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