There are 2 main translations of ply in Spanish

: ply1ply2


chapa, n.

Pronunciation /plaɪ/ /plʌɪ/

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nounplural plies

  • 1

    (of wood) chapa feminine
    (of wood) lámina feminine
    (of paper) capa feminine
    • Gauze or gauze-like products are typically manufactured as a single piece of material folded into a several ply gauze pad.
    • The chassis was a typical composite ‘sandwich’ with inner and outer skins made up of woven laminated plies.
    • With built-up membranes, ‘thicker is better’ refers to the number of plies and not necessarily the measured thickness of the finished roof.
    • This can be done by increasing the number of plies and upgrading the surfacing in a built-up roofing system or installing a thicker, fully adhered single-ply membrane.
    • They used to joke that I control the ply of the toilet paper on the show.
    • As per latest research, bamboo can be used for construction of houses of permanent natures, doors, window frames, corrugated sheets, and bamboo ply etc.
    • Synthetic single ply roof systems are not the cheapest way to reroof a mobile home in the short term.
    • No ply, glass fibre or any other modern materials were employed.
    • Methods of sealing roof drain pipes in single ply synthetic plastic roof cover systems and roof cover systems employing such drain pipe sealing assemblies
    • The rush into single-ply roofing of the 1980's has established single ply as a durable, reliable alternative to bituminous roofing.
    • The bathroom interior, however, with its combination of ply, porcelain and white marble, is a moment of unexpected luxury.
  • 2

    (of wool, yarn)
    cabo masculine
    hebra feminine
    three-ply wool lana de tres cabos / hebras
    • A nice dense thread or 3-8 ply yarn seams to work quite nicely for a blanket stitch.
    • A rope is a ply of natural threads or synthetic fibers.
    • The ply yarns are twisted together to form cord- and the cord is the actual material used in the weaving process.
    • This colour has been discontinued for some time now and while I still like it, I've got a lot of 4 ply cotton in stash and I'm offering this at $40 the bag.
    • Can anyone imagine anything more boring than 4 ply, stocking stitch in a dark blue, that snaps whenever you pull too hard?
    • An 8 ply acrylic wool wick is placed in the soil mixture and through the bottom into a container (like a margarine container) with a weak solution which is then taken up by the plant as required.
    • It's been a long time since I've touched this sweater and it's in 4 ply wool.
    • By twisting these single yards together to form the ply yard, the fabric is more resilient and long lasting.
    • I took a skinny 4 ply yarn and knitted it double.
    • A nice dense thread or 3-8 ply yarn seams to work quite nicely for a blanket stitch.
  • 3 informal

    • The table, as well as the maple ply and cast-steel dining chairs, are easily wiped clean after meals.
    • Although this route is more expensive than a roof coating, the single ply can be installed as a re-cover, saving the cost of tear off, if the existing roof is less than 25 percent wet.
    • Mr Constable has also designed his own home kitchen using hoop pine and maple ply.
    • They have curved doors made of marine-grade ply with a lacquer finish.
    • The association had pleaded for an increase of 5 per cent in the price of commercial plywood and 10 per cent on commercial and waterproof board and waterproof ply.
    • The skin is fibreglass over a thin layer of plywood, which is itself supported by a skeleton of thicker ply, stiffened by a steel structure.
    • Made from leather, moulded rosewood ply and aluminium.
    • The decks are marine ply, the spars were made out of local timber and the design was kept close to the original.

There are 2 main translations of ply in Spanish

: ply1ply2


mover, v.

transitive verb plies, plying, plied

  • 1

    (oar) mover
    (tools) manejar
    • He wet his hands in a small bowl of water, and gently wiped away any dust from the stone before plying his tools to it again.
    • Penhall plies his pen widely, commenting on the dilapidated National Health Service and the nature of perception, sanity, and normalcy.
    • That's like seeing a psychiatrist plying a tendon hammer, or an orthopaedic surgeon with a pleasant bedside manner nice in a curiously old fashioned way.
    • He could ride, swim, dive in deep rivers and the sea, ply the whip, climb trees, scale cliffs without a rope, bring down birds and beasts with arrow and sling.
  • 2

    (travel over)
    (ship) navegar por
    (ship) surcar literary
    • The driver refused to comply and stopped the bus in the middle of the road, before alerting his fellow drivers plying other routes.
    • All in all, Indonesia lost over half the planes plying its domestic routes.
    • For now, the airport survives as a hub for older cargo planes plying the polar route.
    • We are not willing to ply the route causing trouble to ourselves or people, " he said.
    • If you can't face the steep walk, three funicular trams ply the gruelling route.
    • The Pride of Rotterdam, which plies the route between Europort and Hull, is the largest ship of its kind in the world.
    • And there just behind us, over the fence outside the park, a steady flow of modern red London buses plied their scheduled routes up the Seven Sisters Road.
    • Airlines will be free to ply routes between any EU city and any US one, as well as to go further afield.
    • She plied her Pacific route until near the turn of the century, when she was sold to the Italian firm, based in Genoa.
    • The ancient Egyptians were seafarers and Roman galleys, Phoenician ships and the fleet of the mighty Ottoman Empire plied these waters.
    • Birds ply each of these smaller flyways according to their custom and can be counted on to return year after year.
    • In 1912 the SS Earnslaw began to ply the lake and you still can take a trip on this historic steamer.
    • Roman Paszke hails from the Polish shores of the Baltic Sea, where he started plying the waters at 11.
    • The riverboat will ply the waterways between Amsterdam and Brussels, with prices starting at just £7 per night.
    • Now, the barge will ply the canal again, as it once did in the 1940s.
    • Vast cruise liners of 150,000 tons - floating resorts more than twice the size of the QE2 - ply the oceans.
    • Instead of plying the expressways, they now circle the inspection centres for confused accident victims to go to them.
    • The Cape then was a regular stopover for trading vessels plying the Europe-East Indies route.
    • Its lack of depth makes it more difficult each year to handle the newer, larger and deeper vessels plying the southern African route.
    • The Malacca Strait, a busy sealane with more than 50,000 commercial ships plying it annually, is also a hotbed for pirates.
    • Strict enforcement of parking regulations is indeed a prerequisite to tide over the present crisis caused by the increasing number of motor vehicles plying through the narrow roads in the State.
    • Once the underpass is through vehicles plying on Chord Road can cross this junction without any interruption as in the case of Mekhri Circle.
    • Over 50,000 commercial vessels ply the straits each year.
    • Incidentally, the new boat will ply on the Ernakulam-Vypeen route.
    • The vehicles plying on Bangalore roads are growing every day.
    • The company now has 115 buses plying around a dozen regular routes and a further 20 routes at peak time.
    • The additional buses would be run on those long routes where no buses were plying for the past several years due to the shortage and will spell more comfort for the bus passengers, who had to change buses to reach a destination.
    • Steam-driven vessels were plying up and down the eastern coast of Britain as early as 1821.
    • Buses ply frequently between Hospet and Hampi, and budget tourists can easily hire cycles or mopeds.
    • During the monsoons the ferries stop plying and the Gateway looks a trifle forlorn without the seething crowds that normally sit around it, shooting the breeze when the weather is gentler.
    • The ferries plying in these rivers provide cheap transportation to many villagers and poor people who live in remote areas, not accessible by road.
    • Previously only a few rickshaws or horse-drawn carriages plied along that road; now big motorcars raced about all day.
    • Since medieval times a ferry had plied across the river at this point - but with the building of the railway station, it became increasingly obvious a more substantial crossing was needed.
    • Around 2,200 ferries ply 40 of the major rivers.
    • The number of vehicles plying on our roads is increasing in alarming proportion posing threat to pedestrians and vehicle users.
    • That the number of vehicles plying on the city roads has multiplied cannot be disputed.

intransitive verb plies, plying, plied

  • 1

    (travel a route)
    (ship/plane/bus) hacer el trayecto