Traducción de podgy en Español:


rechoncho, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈpɑdʒi/ /ˈpɒdʒi/

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adjetivo podgier, podgiest

  • 1

    gordinflón coloquial
    (fingers) regordete
    • The man wasn't tall, quite the contrary, he was podgy with a round, smiling face.
    • I know what I am, I'm podgy, so why get insulted about it?
    • Last time I went there was April Fools' Day last year when it was practically deserted but for half a dozen podgy guys dancing on a smoky dance floor to So Macho.
    • If anyone knows why podgy women wear tops and trousers that don't meet, and lardy men go around without shirts in public places, please let me know.
    • I had a short and successfully anonymous encounter with a podgy woman in spectacles.
    • This bag became our abiding memory of that game as it swooped over the podgy people below.
    • It opened to reveal a large podgy lady with long brown hair, in a blue and yellow dress.
    • The driver - a dark, podgy man with a thick Afro haircut - nodded and drove.
    • The podgy man scratched his beard, trying to make sense of her questions.
    • Is it any wonder that there are podgy children, when the Government makes this one of its priorities?
    • She's only about 4ft 10 in, but she has lovely legs in the portrait, although her hands are rather podgy - just as they are painted.
    • Once elevated, mobility is achieved via the royal point: a podgy arm waves towards her curiosity.
    • He was about 5ft 10 in, medium build and slightly podgy with a round face plus eyebrow and tongue piercings.
    • I'm suddenly overcome by a surge of unhappiness and slump down on the desk, resting on my bloated belly, burying my face in the comforting but annoyingly podgy darkness of my arms.
    • But there is nothing like having a podgy, middle-class sociopath leave cycle-shaped bruises on your arms and legs to change your mind.
    • He glared at the two of us, podgy arms folded and tucked into his leather apron.
    • She wrapped her arms around his neck, loving having his podgy arms around her.
    • She's married, a good mother, bit podgy, works hard, is a diligent and decent person.
    • This was swiftly slapped on to the front pages, accompanied by faintly pervy photos of podgy teenaged girls' bums in too-tight hipster jeans or wobbly thighs at the side of the school swimming pool.
    • Upon her first encounter, Eve, the narrator, meets Nikolas as a podgy fiftysomething, a ruined gigolo who has taken to conducting orchestras - badly.