Translation of pogrom in Spanish:


pogrom, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpoʊɡrəm/ /pəˈɡrɑm/ /ˈpɒɡrəm/ /ˈpɒɡrɒm/

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    pogrom masculine
    pogromo masculine
    • Between 1881 and 1906 more than a million Jews arrived in New York, fleeing the pogroms in Russia and eastern Europe.
    • In that other abandoned Europe beyond Vienna tyranny, pogroms and ethnic cleansing would have continued.
    • The 1905 laws were designed to prevent poor Jewish refugees fleeing pogroms in eastern Europe from entering Britain.
    • Jews were allowed to live freely in the country, and those fleeing pogroms in Eastern Europe and the Nazi terror were also able to take up residence.
    • Jews fleeing pogroms in Eastern Europe and the Nazi terror were also able to take up residence in the country.
    • My parents fled Eastern Europe to escape pogroms which began with the ringing of church bells.
    • The Jewish People of Europe were victimized in the Holocaust and before that by the pogroms in Europe.
    • As the civil war raged and pogroms ensued, ethnic cleansing on a monumental scale created millions of refugees.
    • To him, as to so many of the fugitives from Eastern European pogroms, the Yiddish theater seemed to have a past as deep as Jewish history.
    • In 1882, following the pogroms in Russia, East European Jews began to settle in the area and to make what was already a ghetto their own.
    • Russia and eastern Europe were particularly bad, with bloody pogroms that killed thousands.
    • Pogroms in Europe and those deeply entrenched dreams kept the ships coming.
    • Mennonites were amongst the first European Utopians in the West, fleeing to America from the pogroms in Europe where they were persecuted.
    • In Britain and America this was the century of Jewish immigration, with great numbers of Jewish people arriving to escape the pogroms in Poland and Russia.
    • These communal politics have led to pogroms, carnage and war.
    • Wherever we went, we were plagued by persecution, pogroms, and the Holocaust.
    • These pogroms took place in Eastern Poland, and the Jews in other parts remained there.
    • The same mechanism is involved in all pogroms, all ethnic cleansing, and all wars.
    • However, in Czarist Russia, most of the pogroms were government organized.