Translation of poison gas in Spanish:

poison gas

gas tóxico, n.


  • 1

    gas tóxico masculine
    • All that was lacking to make the scene a replica of modern ‘Christian’ warfare was poison gas.
    • From an individual's perspective, poison gas only multiplied the horrors of trench warfare.
    • He had one problem we were happy not to have faced - poison gas.
    • This included the strategic bombing of Halifax and first-strike use of poison gas, if necessary.
    • The latest delay caused by the discovery that a company involved in the project helped produce poison gas for Nazi death camps.
    • So that's why we can breathe fine here without worrying about poison gas and fallout?
    • Along with machine guns and poison gas, artillery guns played a prominent part in the trenches especially at battles such as the Somme and Verdun.
    • Critics have said the Vatican had no business honouring a monarch who commanded troops who used poison gas in the conflict.
    • In the remaining years of the war it showed itself in the production of such major weapons as poison gas, tanks, and aeroplanes.
    • In the 1930s the Italian fascists under Mussolini waged a brutal war against Ethiopia, using poison gas and aerial bombardment.
    • The last Pope with that name guided the Roman Catholic Church during the First World War, espousing neutrality and denouncing the use of poison gas.
    • In other words, poison gas was the answer for the war's lack of mobility.
    • That was what was meant by a war in the age of the machine gun, heavy artillery, airplanes and the deadly poison gas.
    • The reference in press reports to poison gas played upon people's fears about chemical weapons following horrific accounts of how such weapons had been used in the First World War.
    • Inside these rented storage units, Federal agents discovered the chemicals and plans used for making the same poison gas once used by prison death chambers.
    • Although people talk about poison gas I don't care about it.
    • How could he describe the horrors of learning that large groups of people had been murdered by poison gas, while thinking they were showering?
    • Later on, I found out that poison gas wasn't even new to them.
    • In 1925 the Geneva Protocol prohibiting the use (but not the manufacture and stockpiling) of poison gas was signed.
    • Even though his rescue teams presumed there might be poison gas, they rushed in anyway, certain their gear would protect them.