Translation of political correctness in Spanish:

political correctness

corrección política, n.


  • 1

    corrección política feminine
    lo políticamente correcto
    • This isn't a matter of so-called political correctness, but of social decency.
    • It was not a mark of political correctness, but of social justice.
    • Advertisers had argued that to ban the advertisements would be overzealous political correctness.
    • Every day I shake my head sadly as I hear yet more people complaining about political correctness gone mad.
    • Britain has changed because of the culture of political correctness perpetuated by the government.
    • Carry on with the good work in the stand against political correctness.
    • The pioneers of political correctness made people think twice before opening their stupid mouths.
    • The reason is that people know that political correctness is a real issue.
    • I say that it is just another dose of political correctness from this Government.
    • The failing of the left in this regard is many of their people are all about ideology and political correctness.
    • Whatever happened to political correctness in these days of feminist activism?
    • And no other politician would dare to ruffle the petticoats of political correctness as he does.
    • But in truth political correctness hasn't so much gone gaga as gone mainstream.
    • Most worrying in this changing political climate is the use of political correctness.
    • Aggressive feminism and political correctness have filled the vacuum of religious authority.
    • People stopped being careful around him, and all their political correctness just slipped away.
    • The case for equal treatment is not about political correctness, but about human decency.
    • The crackdown on the sex industry in Taiwan is a matter of political correctness.
    • Perhaps you feel as I do that it is political correctness gone mad.
    • A further complication was the rigid political correctness being enforced by the Democrat hierarchy.