Translation of pollution in Spanish:


contaminación, n.

Pronunciation /pəˈluʃ(ə)n/ /pəˈluːʃ(ə)n/

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    contaminación feminine
    polución feminine
    pollution levels niveles de contaminación
    • Insidious pollution of the soil is the main cause of extinction of plant species in the UK.
    • People move or reduce physical activities when air pollution becomes intolerable.
    • This is a wasteful process causing a net loss of nitrogen to the animal and pollution of the environment.
    • Governments are making slow progress with the issues of recycling and pollution.
    • Commercialisation has had the same kind of effect on sport as pollution has on rivers.
    • Our pollution will effect people in the world now, and people in the world in years to come.
    • You might say that people will never do anything about pollution until someone makes them.
    • We are surrounded by pollution which animal tests have clearly failed to prevent.
    • The grime of industrial pollution is as far from a middle-class issue as you can get.
    • All it wanted was low levels of pollution and plenty of lime in the water.
    • Types of air pollution include particulate and gaseous emissions and odour pollution.
    • Anglers have said for years that the countryside was being damaged by pollution of our waterways.
    • Their environmental impact and contribution to the air pollution of York streets is nil.
    • They have also run projects for the children to look at pollution and environmental issues.
    • Levels of pollution require drastic measures or else it will commit us to respiratory hell.
    • What a waste of our tax money and with such awful cost in pollution and damage.
    • It would also support local jobs and reduce pollution and damage from excess freight.
    • We in the west need to give careful thought as to how we can reduce environmental pollution.
    • Greenery is a main aspect of our effort to improve air quality and reduce pollution.
    • More energy is used to cool buildings and more air pollution is created in the form of smog.
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    corrupción feminine