Translation of polyp in Spanish:


pólipo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpɑləp/ /ˈpɒlɪp/

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Zoology Medicine
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    pólipo masculine
    • A few, such as Hydra, are solitary polyps that lack a medusoid stage.
    • Most hydrozoans alternate between a polyp and a medusa stage - they spend part of their lives as ‘jellyfish’ which are hard to distinguish from scyphozoan jellyfish.
    • Instead, many used a scenario approach to conclude that solitary sessile polyps represent the ancestral cnidarian form.
    • Do polyps of other cnidarian species have a tissue dynamics similar to that of hydra?
    • Finally solitary polyps or medusae may clone to produce more of their kind.
    • The laser can also provide relief for symptoms caused by benign airway tumors such as hamartomas, papillomas, polyps, and angiomas.
    • What's more, most tumors start out as polyps, or benign growths, in the colon.
    • Screening for and removal of colorectal cancer and precancerous adenomatous polyps can decrease the incidence of colon disease.
    • Growths such as polyps or fibroids can often be removed and endometriosis can often be treated with medications or surgery.
    • Colonoscopy revealed diverticulitis and several benign polyps, which were excised.