Translation of pond in Spanish:


estanque, n.

Pronunciation /pɑnd/ /pɒnd/

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    (man-made) estanque masculine
    (natural) laguna feminine
    • Projecting eaves and bamboo verandahs shaped views of gardens with ponds, streams and artificial hills.
    • Lakes show a great range in size and depth, from small local ponds to bodies of water covering thousands of square kilometres.
    • Most wash their clothes and their bodies in nearby ponds or at community water taps.
    • Surface water bodies like ponds and tanks are the perennial breeding sources.
    • Through the ages, Indian agriculture has been sustained by natural and man-made water bodies such as lakes, tanks, ponds and similar structures.
    • They enter the ponds largely with water that is piped in from other ponds or local bodies of water and eat the food that the farmers put in the pond to fatten up the crop fish.
    • Water gardens are ponds having water falls, pond plants and pond life like exotic fishes.
    • I've got a lovely garden, two ponds and a water-fall.
    • One of the hall's most spectacular new features is the Father Tiber garden with its ponds, fountains and water cascade.
    • North African catfish live in a variety of freshwater environments, including quiet waters like lakes, ponds, and pools.
    • Provisions for drainage, road pavement, ground water recharge, and artificial ponds are also being made.
    • The Chichghat valley is a dense natural forest with ponds and waterholes, grasslands and meadows.
    • Waters to head for include canals, rivers, gravel pits, lakes, ponds, meres and reservoirs.
    • A special feature of the park is that it has a couple of natural ponds, brimming with water.
    • It also provides a connection with nature via gardens, water, ponds, plant materials, daylight, and fresh air.
    • Runoff from irrigation and rain is recycled through a series of ponds and wetlands that naturally cleanse it for reuse in vineyards and landscaping.
    • Pond owners are frequently interested in providing artificial aeration in their ponds.
    • Artificial ponds for bass are very common in the midwest and southern states.
    • Although the number of rural ponds is decreasing rapidly, garden ponds are gaining in popularity and are becoming increasingly important habitats for toads, says the trust.
    • From digging rainwater pits to cleaning of ponds, the local bodies in Ernakulam district have taken up water conservation programmes in a big way.