Translation of pooch in Spanish:


chucho, n.

Pronunciation /putʃ/ /puːtʃ/


  • 1

    chucho masculine informal
    pichicho masculine River Plate informal
    • He's done a whole lot of paintings of pooches - yappy dogs, poodles, some mutts and a few bulldogs.
    • Sweet smells drifted through the drizzle from the food hall where local producers had set up stall while welly-wearing visitors headed under canvas to the handiwork in the craft tent and the pampered pooches in the dog tent.
    • Dog owners have their pooches swiped on the street, are belaboured about the face and neck, and the whole incident is captured on video phones for the entertainment of witless youths.
    • A whole host of dandy dogs and preened pooches converged on Oulder Hill Community School over the weekend to strut their stuff.
    • Lily the mongrel puppy was one of the first pooches to go online to promote a stray dogs website in North Yorkshire.
    • Anyone having a problem with their own pooch can consult dog whisperer Steve Fryer, who will be available to share his successful training methods.
    • If you buy doggy chews for your pooch, you might just buy them a box of chocs (particularly if they agree to roll over and play dead).
    • The ideal thing for owners who just cant stand another messy bath time session with their pooch, the Washwell dog wash does all the hard work for you.
    • Many dog owners with pedigree pooches want them either trained for special jobs, unique activities such as hunting, show-ring, guard duty or special obedience training.
    • Owners often complain that when they first try anchoring their dogs, the pooch jumps on them.
    • The owner of an animal home had her two puppies stolen and another had a champion pooch pinched when at a dog show.
    • Once you do hire a dog walker, you need to monitor their performance during the first few weeks to determine whether they are the right dog walker for your pooch.
    • Chances are, your dog walker has a pooch of her or his own.
    • Since they will be on the dog food for a long time it is a great idea to spend time finding the proper dog food for your pooch.
    • Man's best friend was out in force for national Bring Your Dog To Work Day, and there were plenty of pooches milling around the home's immaculate gardens yesterday.
    • Dog owners who take their pooches on buses are currently charged different rates - or none - depending on which company they use.
    • Dog lovers can enjoy a weekend with their pooches at the Dogs Day Out at Brett Park Drummoyne on Sunday July 31.
    • Some 15 to 20 dog owners brought their misbehaving pooches along to the shop to find out just where they were going wrong.
    • The dog show was a real sight to behold with prize pooches from all over the region taking part.
    • A family who launched a frantic search to find their missing dog were reunited with the pooch after discovering he had been locked in their own car boot for four days.