Translation of poor in Spanish:


pobre, adj.

Pronunciation /pʊr/ /pɔr/ /pɔː/ /pʊə/

Definition of pobre in Spanish

adjective poorer, poorest

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    (not wealthy)
    I'm really poor at the moment ando / estoy de lo más pobre
    • materially rich but spiritually poor rico en dinero pero pobre de espíritu
    • the standard model is a poor relation of the coupé el modelo estándar es el pariente pobre del cupé
    • She lives in housing for poor seniors and cannot afford to repair her own vehicle, which she says broke down four years ago.
    • In this way it hopes to boost living standards across a broad swathe of poor rural society.
    • In our developing, but poor and deprived, society it is the task of the government to provide the means of education.
    • Without a well-educated populace we are a poor and intellectually bankrupt society.
    • You ask me why we cannot spend all our money to feed the poor and make them live a better life instead of going for Hajj.
    • It is unrealistic to ask rich students to love the spirit of poverty and live as the poor.
    • The reforms would widen the gap between rich and poor, creating a society of haves and have-nots.
    • The essays are written by women who either grew up poor or are currently living in poverty.
    • Excuse me, but wouldn't that involve transferring wealth from rich individuals and societies to the poor?
    • After retirement, he is still serving the society, especially the poor.
    • Perhaps the poor, who live in adobe houses, ran amok with automatic dishwashers.
    • Today the national society serves the poor with its free soup kitchens and numerous forms of humanitarian relief.
    • The nun wrote that she had been fearful of having to live among the poor, but that Christ reminded her that she had always said He could do with her as He pleased.
    • The purpose and character of the festival We Are One Family is to unite orphans who have been living in poor conditions.
    • For a society slow and too poor to discard the traditional facade, the sharks set a calculatedly reassuring trap.
    • The same illustration with the boy can also be translated into our global society where we have poor and wealthy nations.
    • Narayana is a poor radio mechanic who lives in Vittal, Karnataka, and has a four-member family.
    • Tarleton says he lives poor for political reasons: he doesn't pay income tax.
    • Whether the black poor live or die seems to merit only haughty disinterest and indifference.
    • Until the beginning of the 20th century, Bavaria was a mostly agrarian society and a poor one at that.
    • For six years he lived among the poor along the Code River in Yogyakarta, and built a Community Centre for them.
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    (harvest) pobre
    (harvest) escaso
    (diet/quality) malo
    (imitation) burdo
    poor in vitamins pobre en vitaminas
    • the acting was poor la interpretación fue pobre
    • her vocabulary is very poor for a child of six tiene un vocabulario muy pobre para una niña de seis años
    • my essay was graded 'poor' me pusieron 'insuficiente' en el trabajo
    • she has a poor grasp of grammar sus conocimientos de gramática no son buenos
    • she's a poor golfer es una jugadora de golf bastante floja / mala
    • theory is a poor substitute for experience la teoría no puede reemplazar a la experiencia
    • you're setting a very poor example for the others les estás dando muy mal ejemplo a los demás
    • a remark/joke in poor taste un comentario/chiste de mal gusto
    • she's in very poor health está muy delicada / muy mal de salud
    • the weather has been poor all week ha hecho mal tiempo toda la semana
    • The instruments trudge along at a snail's pace and the recording quality is poor at best.
    • Ignatius Street was a particular problem area with the quality of lighting very poor at each end of it.
    • Smoking, poor diet quality and obesity are all clear markers of social disadvantage and a lack of education.
    • The quality of the Parke Group Water Scheme is very poor at present and should not be used until further notices.
    • If only 10 people apply you have to take all comers - those who will be good, mediocre, and poor at the job.
    • Property services, which were poor at the last inspection have improved little and remain unsatisfactory.
    • In a poor quality second half, the home side added another two goals.
    • Kitchens received were faulty or poor quality with damaged parts.
    • The council has been rated ‘fair’ the middle ranking on a scale that ranges from poor at one end to excellent on the other.
    • Information dissemination and knowledge of law are poor at this level.
    • Like Victor Agarwel, I am inclined to think councils are very poor at thinking all the issues through.
    • Bedfordshire was rated weak by Government inspectors last year and poor at its previous inspection.
    • Conditions were poor at the turn of the century and employment was at a low ebb.
    • Generally I think the police service is pretty poor at disseminating good practice.
    • Even if the football is usually secondary, and poor quality.
    • The generally poor and occasionally atrocious quality of the writing doesn't help.
    • Hall is a lifelong resident of the valley, where poor air quality is second only to that of Los Angeles.
    • Thai motorists have a new ally in the fight against poor vehicle quality and shoddy after-sales service.
    • But the Decatur plant is not the only facility cited for poor quality standards.
    • A local police official blamed shoddy construction and the poor quality of the cement.
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    poor old Charles got soaked el pobre Charles se empapó
    • the poor thing hadn't slept in two days el pobrecito / el pobre llevaba dos días sin dormir
    • you poor thing! ¡pobrecito!
    • she's lost it, poor thing lo ha perdido, la pobre
    • I have the greatest sympathy for this poor woman in her tragic loss, but just think about it!
    • And I couldn't help but pity the poor chap who finds himself grappling with one of these after a night out on the sauce with his hot date.
    • I saw it's running until March next year and I pity the poor staff.
    • Pity poor Kenneth Welsh, with the weaselly demeanor only a mother could love.
    • Then lunchtimes: pity the poor teachers who had class last thing before lunch on a Friday.
    • Pity the poor man born in Glasgow's Shettleston, for example, who is not expected to make 65.
    • Pity the poor guy who had to cut all the peats to keep that warm in the winter.
    • The aging process had clearly not taken any pity on poor Judge Wykk at all.
    • We have no shows of sympathy for the poor man trying to fit everything into 24 hours.
    • I mean, I just pity poor William, what the hell that man is going to face as he comes in to open life.
    • In spite of his less than friendly attitude toward the man, Carson couldn't help feeling some sympathy for the poor guy.
    • The manager instantly began to pity the poor man, but not too much and walked away.
    • James knew very well what Ben wanted to test, and once again he felt a stab of pity for the poor girl.
    • And I pity the poor judge who's going to have to explain those words to a jury.
    • Pity those poor residents who put up with those conditions on a daily basis!
    • She pitied the poor scientist who'd caught the major part of his wrath.
    • Pity the poor child who makes any kind of a drawing that has anything to do with firearms.
    • I pitied the poor fellow, he was so deeply in earnest; but all the same I could not help laughing.
    • Should Munster lose, pity the poor man who moved the game to the capital purely for financial reasons.
    • What did this poor woman do to deserve a child like Geoff?

plural noun

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    the poor los pobres