Translation of populate in Spanish:


poblar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈpɑpjəˌleɪt/ /ˈpɒpjʊleɪt/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    densely populated densamente poblado
    • sparsely populated con poca densidad de población
    • The city is densely populated with the second highest number of people per hectare in the whole of the south-east.
    • The crash site is densely populated with lots of small homes.
    • Pretty soon the place was populated with everybody from gypsies to prime ministers to people with turbans running around - it was indeed an Orson party.
    • This trend continued into the Industrial Revolution, when the city was populated with the upper classes in amongst the industrial sprawls of Manchester and Liverpool.
    • The battlefield is populated with a large number of mooks (grunt soldiers), and several more powerful officers, on both sides.
    • From D.W. Griffith's The Birth of a Nation forward, cinema has reminded us that battlefields are populated with human beings, not toy soldiers.
    • The vast 17-acre site is populated with members of the Sarawak's various ethnic groups and their longhouses.
    • Their comments area is populated with people openly posting their first name and last names as attribution.
    • The city is populated with blue-collar union workers who always vote for Democrats.
    • Rural areas were less densely populated with basically the same family structure until social security and child labor laws came about.
    • The island is populated with massive herds of brontosaurus, but the big old meat-eaters would rather chase down six humans instead of going for the easy kill.
    • The modern battlefield is increasingly populated with civilians and paramilitary operatives who accompany U.S. forces in support of military operations.
    • Many beggars and vagabonds had also gathered in this place, the limited flatlands around the area was populated with white tents and pieces of clothing hanging upon long lines to dry.
    • And we used to have abandoned buildings; now the area is heavily populated with businesses and people, and new influxes of people are coming in because of the safety of the area.
    • Updike's universe is populated with ‘the little ones,’ who, like so many of us, stumble through life in search of meaning.
    • The Red Zone is still populated with those more likely to farm, ranch, hunt, fish, drive pick-ups, even attend church regularly.
    • Most of China's western provinces are populated with Turkish-speaking Muslims, who are deeply affected by what happens beyond the frontier.
    • You can almost smell the stench of the garbage; poor families struggle in dismal apartments; the streets are populated with the homeless and dispossessed.
    • The field is populated with specialists examining different ways to enhance and better their own educational or technological niche.
    • This city was populated with a good number of cats and dogs.
    • The landscape is populated with many different beasts, although some parts of the world sometimes seem barren and empty.