Translation of pornography in Spanish:


pornografía, n.

Pronunciation /pɔrˈnɑɡrəfi/ /pɔːˈnɒɡrəfi/


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    pornografía feminine
    • The denial of the social fact of sexuality in pornography is made explicit in its audience.
    • This is not hardcore pornography and the material can be bought in many stores.
    • There's always a tricky issue when you get into stolen material or pornography.
    • Miller found me guilty of adultery and possessing pornography and formally reprimanded me.
    • The media presenting the images like pornography, with a mixture of outrage and titillation.
    • Someone once described pornography as an industry that creates desire where none exists.
    • From fast food to perfumes, advertising images drawn from pornography surround us.
    • Moore also told officers that they would find images of child pornography on his computer.
    • Yet he watches pornography as he has his first sexual relationship with her.
    • Hardcore pornography only becomes a problem, it seems, when consumed in private.
    • He is concerned by the mainstream media's portrayal of women as much as Internet pornography.
    • Downloading pornography is classified as making an image because it creates a new version.
    • Miller's stories fold into a pleasingly nasty and perverse piece of pornography.
    • They seem to forget that pornography is one of America's biggest industries.
    • They are the only political party in the UK to endorse the production of juvenile pornography.
    • Was it illuminating and instructive, or was it merely emotional pornography?
    • Could it be that Leftists are not bothered by pornography but do like to deplore violence?
    • Access to pornography, however, does not appear to have been universally restricted.
    • Because it was limited to the elite, pornography had a kind of back-door respectability.
    • So young people binge drink, fight, take lots of drugs, and watch pornography on TV.