Translation of portmanteau in Spanish:


baúl de viaje, n.

Pronunciation /ˌpɔrtˈmæntoʊ/ /pɔːtˈmantəʊ/

nounplural portmanteaux, plural portmanteaus

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    baúl de viaje masculine
    • There is a conscious, even contrived lack of consequence to this Argentinian portmanteau movie using non-professionals, about three individuals making their vulnerable way across Patagonia.
    • This portmanteau movie is a companion piece to the one that appeared here in September.
    • Shot on digital video, this juxtaposes the lives of three women in a portmanteau movie which arguably goes about its business with less fuss than The Hours.
    • As a result Film Ing would be more appropriately described as a portmanteau movie, each part of which narrates a different story such as romance, travelogue and so on.
    • A good game to play while watching portmanteau horror films is in spotting the famous actors, as well as those hardy character actors who crop up again and again.
    • A similar memory even emerges of one of those old portmanteau horror films: the actor in a studio-built crypt, dressed in a monk's habit, listening to the ghoulish confessions of damned souls.
    • The proliferation of portmanteau disciplines - astrophysics, biochemistry and so on - suggests that this single-parent principle is under strain.
    • This film is only one of several portmanteau documentaries from post-war France; each, in turn, describes an ecology premised on expedient, routine slaughter.
    • To narrow this portmanteau question down to discussion size, I will focus here on some of the issues television opens up concerning the aesthetics of a specific genre that has its roots firmly in the movies.
    • Herrera's portmanteau style and ludic impulse constitute a form of visual jabberwocky, in which the familiar is confidently manipulated and destabilized.
    • The gritty pulp atmosphere, expressed through the severely limited palette, as well as the Gilliamesque portmanteau technology, makes Detective Story one of the most visually arresting films I've seen this year.
    • Hemphill is actually surprisingly handsome, with startlingly blue eyes and an odd portmanteau accent that belies his formative years in Canada after being born in Glasgow.
    • He has already committed to shooting one third of the portmanteau film Eros, with directors he was worked with before.
    • What was presumably intended as a multi-layered portmanteau pic was thus boiled down into only two episodes.
    • Granger and Newbold caution against the exclusive reliance on the portmanteau tests for model adequacy.
    • The ergonomist must understand all of the demands being made on the person, and the likely effects of any changes to these - the techniques which enable him to do this come under the portmanteau label of ‘job and task analysis’.
    • In opposition to society-level explanations, Sanderson introduces the portmanteau notion of individual-level ‘human needs.’
    • The handbook is a portmanteau category that covers the contemporary publications of sporting bodies, professional and trade associations, churches, universities, etc.
    • Hampson has an attractive stage presence, but I sometimes think that he comes complete with a rather portmanteau interpretation.
    • I blame much of this stagnation on the label itself, a clunky portmanteau that suggests the collision rather than integration of ‘folk’ and ‘electronic’ music.