Translation of positive in Spanish:


positivo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈpɑzədɪv/ /ˈpɒzɪtɪv/

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  • 1

    • 1.1

      (number/quantity) positivo
      (electrode) positivo
      positive ion catión
      • the test was positive el análisis dio positivo
      • These minerals in their ion state carry either negative or positive charges, much like a car battery.
      • At least one of the positive and negative high voltage power supplies switches between a high state and a low state.
      • Predicted by quantum theory, ghost radiation is a negative energy field that dampens normal positive energy.
      • It contains both positive and negative charges, but its net charge is positive.
      • Electrons and positive ions, the components of plasma, are charged particles.
      • There is a net positive charge - there are more protons in the nucleus than electrons surrounding it.
      • Plucker used a glass tube filled with air and containing a positive and a negative electrode.
      • Acidic lipids enhance the adsorption of positive ions due to their negative charge.
      • Since nuclei carry positive electrical charges, they normally repel one another.
      • The atom that loses electrons gains a positive charge, becoming a cation.
      • While studying streams of ionized gas Wien, in 1898, identified a positive particle equal in mass to the hydrogen atom.
      • He defines limits of positive variable quantities using ideas that he had used in looking at limits of series.
      • Zero divided by negative or positive numbers is either zero or is expressed as a fraction with zero as numerator and the finite quantity as denominator.
      • He also worked on number theory proving in 1770 that every positive integer is the sum of four squares.
      • This is an alternative derivation of Newton's method for finding square roots of positive numbers.
      • All positive whole numbers are either primes or they can be uniquely decomposed into a product of primes.
      • If we subtract a positive number from an empty power, the same negative number remains.
      • This indicated that no specific attention was warranted to these near zero or small positive values.
      • Any and every G sequence which eventually has only positive numbers occurs as a row in this array.

    • 1.2Photography

      (image/print) positivo
      • Exuding confidence and advocating a positive outlook, he has no harsh words for anyone.
      • The meeting appeared to be positive and constructive and we were assured that our views would be taken on board.
      • I have always kept my optimism and my positive approach to life.
      • Otherwise, the outlook was impressively positive and upbeat.
      • Where we find ourselves now, however, is a brighter, more positive and optimistic place.
      • Clutching his prize after Monday's ceremony, Wiseman said there was a more positive and confident mood in the country than was evident a few years ago.
      • They will be confident of a positive start against the Mexicans once more.
      • Having a positive approach is essential if you are to move forward.
      • If we are to move forward, we must espouse this more positive approach in all dimensions of the club's activity.
      • They should exercise daily and maintain a positive, hopeful outlook toward the future.
      • He'll stay near his family and provide them with the strong and positive presence he always has.
      • Instead, he has welcomed the renewed focus among members on a more positive campaign rather than industrial action.
      • She says we have to learn to use anger in a positive way, rather than letting it control us.
      • What we will try and do is use these couple of weeks and be positive rather than talk about it.
      • From Miss Ewart's view, a positive attitude rather than skill base is the most important quality in a prospective employee.
      • We need positive comments rather than focusing on the negatives which do nothing to help the situation.
      • Despite all this, I'm actually feeling rather positive about the impending arrival.
      • I hope you will consider the use and practice of non-violence in a more creative and positive way, rather than dismiss it as mere idealism.
      • At the same time, he tried to use egotism in a positive way, rather than destroying it outright.
      • The outlook he had on what was happening to the city around him was rather positive.
      • The aim is to build a positive image for a brand that can provide long-term returns.
      • I also know that the image of your company and brand is important to you and that you want to be associated with positive images of women.
      • This kind of photograph is a unique positive picture produced on a thin sheet of iron blackened by tar.
      • To his great surprise, when Pia examined his negatives, there was a positive image!
      • In fact, there are two copies of that issue in the bound volumes - one cover features a positive shot, the other a negative one.
      • There was a darkroom, an optical printer to blow 8mm up to 16 mm, a contact printer to make positive 16 mm prints from negatives, an editing table, etc.

    • 1.3Linguistics

      (degree/form) positivo
      • We were studying positive, comparative and superlative adjectives and, as usual, having a pretty hard time with it.

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    • 2.1(constructive)

      (attitude) positivo
      (criticism) constructivo
      that's not the attitude, try positive thinking cambia de actitud, intenta ser más positivo
      • look on the positive side mira lo positivo / el lado positivo

    • 2.2(for the good)

      (influence/development) positivo
      a positive experience una experiencia positiva

  • 3

    there is no positive evidence no hay pruebas concluyentes / definitivas / fehacientes
    • the group still lacks a positive identity al grupo todavía le falta una identidad definida
    • it was the first positive sighting in the area fue la primera vez que categóricamente / decididamente se lo avistó en la región
    • Should the test have a positive result, indicating that a condition has been detected, the parents will need counselling and support.
    • The experiment has shown positive results, and presently, the infants are living normally.
    • Incorrect responses on either or both tasks are scored as a positive result, indicating dementia.
    • If any test result is positive, the test should be repeated immediately for confirmation.
    • A positive skin test result may mean the individual is more vulnerable to asthma, hay fever, and eczema.
    • Tuberculin skin test results are positive in two thirds of patients.
    • Patients were considered to be HIV-positive only if both tests gave a positive result.
    • If you are now in a relationship, you may wish to ask your doctor about how to explain your positive test result to your partner.
    • Any of these scenarios could result in a positive drug test for someone who is not impaired while driving.
    • Patients with positive test results should be treated to eradicate the infection.
    • They only call if the results are positive and my tests had come back so.
    • In 28 cases, results were positive using one test but negative using another.
    • Jones has always denied all the allegations and has never tested positive for any banned substances.
    • He won the event in 2002, but tested positive for the banned substance nandrolone the year after.
    • In the first few days of testing, half of the samples from current employees came back positive.
    • Transbronchial biopsies and brushings returned positive for non-small cell carcinoma.
    • The infections were detected in recipients by a positive blood smear.
    • Four percent of the children were admitted to a hospital because of positive blood cultures.
  • 4

    it's a positive disgrace es una auténtica / verdadera vergüenza
    • Food shopping online is a positive delight compared to a couple of years ago, according to those consumer guardians at Which?
    • I had an Iron Maiden Tshirt, despite having no affinity for the Maiden at all, and, in fact, a positive disdain.
    • Some theologians have a positive genius for cloaking sensible ideas in impenetrable jargon.
  • 5

    • 5.1(decisive)

      she's very positive in her likes and dislikes es muy categórica en sus preferencias
      • what we need is positive leadership lo que necesitamos es un liderazgo firme
      • You need someone who has the actual expertise to confirm positive identification.
      • I wish I had a more concrete, definite, positive, upbeat answer to give.
      • Where then, Marx asks, is the positive possibility of German freedom to be found?
      • He is giving, I would submit, direct, positive evidence of identification.
      • The funeral director made a positive identification by a tattoo on Ray's arm of a hammerhead shark.
      • It is getting harder, but it is still possible to earn a positive real return on your savings, and savers should be striving for the best possible deal.
      • The positive identification of the body means the bodies of all four Irish people lost in the disaster have been recovered.
      • An inquest was opened in 1991 after the discovery of her body but has never been resumed because of the lack of a positive identification.
      • The officer told him that if he could not make a positive identification he should say so; then it was that he told the officer that he was not sure.
      • Upon positive identification, the user is alerted by both an audible and visual alarm.
      • Possible relatives of the dead man later came forth but could not give a positive identification.
      • It has so far proved difficult to make a positive identification of the lorry driver, but he was believed to be a Polish national.
      • The security footage produced a positive identification of the vans, but not of the people inside.
      • The woman was able to provide a positive identification of the pair of teens, who were charged with theft.
      • There was no reason in the absence of positive evidence to conclude that the organization had any continuing role as trustee.
      • The phrasing of Article 25 implies a positive duty, commitment, or obligation by government.
      • While these statistics offer positive information for university graduates, the survey response rate is extremely discouraging.
      • As yet there is no positive evidence for this theory, but if modified a little it is attractive.
      • The rate of offending for street crime is down by 19 per cent, a very positive decrease that is down to a lot of hard work and effort.
      • Therefore, a certain naiveté, unburdened by conventional wisdom, can sometimes be a positive asset.
      • She considered many things on her walk but found no positive answers.

    • 5.2 informal (sure)

      are you sure? — positive ¿estás seguro? — segurísimo / más que seguro
      • I'm positive I've met him before estoy segurísima de que lo conozco
      • she was positive about the date/having seen him estaba muy segura de la fecha/de haberlo visto
      • She hated him, that was very certain and she grew more and more positive of this fact as the next few days passed.
      • Officers had been 99.9 per cent positive it was Jenna because the teenager's ring was found with the body.
      • Eyewitness testimony in court cases - even from witnesses who are absolutely positive about what they saw - should be taken with a grain of salt.
      • She was positive that a mistake would happen.
      • I am positive that the band would sell thousands of records with numerous sold out tours if they were American.
      • I'm positive I'll go back and ski there again.
      • I'm also pretty positive that they have to check their email everyday, so I'm sure she got the email.
      • Neither of these persons was able to produce the original or any copy of the assignment, although both of them were positive that an assignment had been made.
      • I told them I was positive of who it was, they didn't have to worry about it.
      • Makaab said Mbesuma had been training hard and that he was determined and positive of succeeding in European football.
      • She couldn't explain the feeling, but she was positive someone else was inside.
      • During training you can spend time working on your techniques and I am positive that it has helped my game.
      • I am very positive that something can be sorted out and that I will be able to continue to play league football.
      • I was almost positive that enlisted men were not supposed to speak to their betters in such a familiar manner.
      • My bets are on number three to win, and I'm almost positive that she will!
      • I was lucky that time, but I was positive I would not be so lucky this time.
      • I am positive that my theory is correct, so I don't think I would ever bother to find any evidence to support it.
      • In Scotland we have too many cases of referees that are overweight and too slow to keep up, and I am positive that this goes on in England too.
      • I've learnt a huge amount from Geoff since we contested the Cambrian Rally and I'm very positive that we can have an excellent year.


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    (constructive element)
    the positive lo positivo
  • 2

    • 2.1Photography

      positivo masculine
      • In this process I first make a contact interpositive and then an enlarged negative from the contact positive.
      • It has a built-in transparency adapter, so it can scan 35 mm photo negatives and positives (slides).
      • The first test is to determine the correct exposure for a film positive.
      • Once you've got that original positive, you can do what ever you want, and it looks pretty cool in its own right - I have one hanging in my hall.

    • 2.2Mathematics

      only one of these values is a positive solo uno de estos valores es positivo
      • Two positives combined will always yield another positive.

    • 2.3Linguistics

      positivo masculine