Translation of positive feedback in Spanish:

positive feedback

reacción positiva, n.


  • 1

    (to idea, prototype)
    reacción positiva feminine
  • 2

    retroalimentación positiva feminine
    • We have emphasized the positive feedback and activation processes in autocrine relays.
    • Does the positive feedback influence the robustness of the circadian oscillator?
    • In addition, entrapment of gases cause the ethylene concentration to increase which can, in turn, induce its own biosynthesis due to positive feedback of the hormone.
    • However, the function of this positive feedback loop in vivo is not clear.
    • This positive feedback loop implies an evolutionary pattern of divergent genetic drift to high or low GC contents.
  • 3

    realimentación positiva feminine
    • Positive Gli autoregulation enables a bistable switch, but positive feedback also amplifies noise within a system.
    • Thus, positive feedback between two bipolar junction transistors is reduced and then latch-up is eliminated.
    • This positive feedback mechanism would act to maintain the direction of flow.