Translation of possessive in Spanish:


posesivo, adj.

Pronunciation /pəˈzɛsɪv/

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    (father/husband) posesivo
    he's very possessive about his toys es muy egoísta con sus juguetes
    • I think that men's love is very possessive and involves ownership, competition, and performance.
    • She had lot of people who claimed her attention but later on a particular man became more possessive of her and she stopped entertaining others.
    • That kiss was like nothing I had felt before and not in a nice way, it was possessive, aggressive and demanding… it scared me.
    • Slowly he was becoming more and more possessive, controlling, demanding.
    • You are a very possessive and demanding person, rarely impulsive or casual.
    • He said yesterday: ‘I have no doubt David loved Ann very much, but it was a possessive and jealous love.’
    • And that's typically what happens where a mother may be very, very possessive of that child.
    • Now, in some relationships certain parties are very possessive of their partner.
    • Instead of being demanding and possessive like before, he was a whole new different man.
    • Although she may claim that her possessive behaviour arises from her love, there might be a need for her to realize that love must be sustained by trust.
    • Other poems present maternal love as liberating, not possessive.
    • The men looked away hurriedly when they looked upon the Princess's beauty, and possessive wives quickly drew their husband's attention.
    • He had never professed love, just a lustful possessive desire that fueled the cruelty in his obsession.
    • His great love remained his mother Louie, a dominating, possessive woman who spoiled and adored her son above everything else.
    • The mania type of love can be characterized as obsessive in that it is possessive and dependent.
    • She's always been so possessive and she just… I don't know.
    • Others unintentionally sabotage their relationships by exhibiting overly possessive, clinging, dependent behaviour.
    • He was overly possessive, and he freaked if I mentioned another guy's name.
    • Does that mean she's already taken by an overly possessive Johnny?
    • People get possessive, and people are not as romantic as they used to be.
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    (pronoun/adjective) posesivo
    the possessive case el genitivo
    • It's a relational noun, which means that a possessive shows who the noun relates to.
    • Relations that are implicit in the semantic structure of a possessed noun can affect the range of plausible interpretations of a possessive construction.
    • The possessive apostrophe disappeared in place names such as ‘Coopers Creek’ decades ago.
    • But the evidence shows that possessive apostrophes have been dropping like flies for years.
    • They can be used as components of compounds, but if they are used on their own they must be used with possessive prefixes.