Translation of possibility in Spanish:


posibilidad, n.

Pronunciation /ˌpɑsəˈbɪlədi/ /ˌpɒsɪˈbɪlɪti/

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  • 1

    posibilidad feminine
    it's not beyond (the bounds of) possibility that it will come back cabe la posibilidad de que vuelva
    • is there any possibility you could lend me the money? ¿hay alguna posibilidad de que me prestes el dinero?
    • that possibility had never occurred to me no se me había ocurrido esa posibilidad
    • In such a case there is no possibility of double jeopardy and no risk of double recovery.
    • The radiation emitted is, as you say, miniscule - so small that there is no possibility of harm.
    • But there was no possibility of that because racial subjugation was enforced by law.
    • Because of his actions, he knows there can be no possibility of reconciliation.
    • Try to find a quiet place that has no possibility of disturbance or interruption.
    • There was no possibility of that site not contaminating the two streams and the harbour.
    • When women and men live in a society, the possibility of violations always exists.
    • There was always the possibility of getting shot if the clientele disapproved of the set list.
    • Because every time we did there was always the possibility of a major collision.
    • It also had unconquered tribes with whom there was always the possibility of war.
    • Be alert to the possibility of rare but potentially serious underlying causes.
    • At the moment the possibility of feedback is low, though the potential already exists.
    • This work is making the possibility of xenotransplants much closer than ever before.
    • All serving members have considered the possibility of having someone shoot at them.
    • I'm investigating the possibility of consolidating my debts into my mortgage.
    • Within minutes, the plane bombed the front and rear of the convoy, sealing off the possibility of escape.
    • In soccer and boxing there is also the possibility of brain damage due to repeated blows to the head.
    • I want to look in to the possibility of a rooftop garden on the roof of our apartment parking garage.
  • 2

    (sth possible)
    posibilidad feminine
    that's always a possibility if you can't afford a new one siempre queda esa posibilidad si no se puede comprar uno nuevo
    • There is always a possibility of unfairness and if a mistake is made nothing can be done about it.
    • Feeling remorse, there is always the possibility of applying the remedy to purify any wrong we have done.
    • There was always the possibility of a change in personal or family fortune.
    • You know how we've always talked about the possibility of something going wrong with the bomb.
    • There may be risks in some forms of exchange, but the possibility of exchange is always present.
    • Of course, students always have the possibility of getting a student bank account.
    • She had found a scratch-card which promised her the possibility of wealth beyond her tiny dreams.
    • The question remains whether the possibility of any such system is dependent on the existence of language.
    • Accepting what you have and enjoying it, but always being open to the possibility of something better.
    • One might object that his account draws on the possibility of a merely possible world.
    • It was a hope I was holding onto, because the possibility of success was so attractive.
    • Who can turn down the possibility of winning £1000 for what they do everyday anyway?
    • It transcends reality and opens up, for a moment, the possibility of a better life.
    • Now I'm thinking about the possibility of spending a year volunteering abroad.
    • I mean as well as the possibility of failure, there's also the chance of success that is just as heart racing.
    • Maybe they were celebrating the possibility of their recognition as equal.
    • It was there he discovered the possibility of using steel as a sculptural medium.
    • The two men discussed the possibility of staging a 1980s music show in Wiltshire.
    • Then we talked about the possibility of Amy writing a book for us - many years before she actually did.
    • Originally a garden, by then the site was home to a large shed that had the possibility of being converted into a house.
  • 3possibilities plural

    posibilidades feminine
    potencial masculine