Translation of postbag in Spanish:


bolsa del correo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpoʊstbæɡ/ /ˈpəʊs(t)baɡ/


  • 1

    bolsa del correo feminine Latin America
    saca del correo feminine Spain
  • 2

    correspondencia feminine
    the series has produced a large postbag ha llegado mucha correspondencia sobre la serie
    • The size of her postbag convinced her she should do a book - one that definitely would not include any pictures of men with facial hair.
    • Chris' earlier email should have made the postbag last week, but didn't because I goofed.
    • Judging by the response to our stories so far, you should expect a heavy postbag.
    • These messages that fill our screens, message boards and postbags are a testament to John and how he touched people's lives across many generations.
    • All politicians and staff who manage their postbags at the new Holyrood building and in constituency offices across Scotland will receive a video and advice warning of the terrorist threat.
    • Until archaeology has a strong presence in all politicians' postbags, they will continue to feel able to treat it as irrelevant to 21st century Britain.
    • So many of you voted for your favourite restaurants, shops, products and books that we were literally overwhelmed and had to call in outside help to cope with the postbags.
    • The competition produced one of the biggest postbags at the Bolton Evening News with almost 1,000 entries.
    • The postbags of personal finance sections are often stuffed with letters from folk moaning on about what a mouldy old swizz they think Premium Bonds are.
    • The two biggest postbags I have ever had were on tennis and Tolkein.
    • We threw up some of these questions in a long ramble last month, and received one of the most thoughtful postbags ever.
    • I have received a large postbag and several petitions on this issue - and rightly so.
    • My postbag has been almost totally supportive, with about half of them from women.
    • My postbag reveals that there is an unofficial debate going on in every city, town and village, with people asking ‘what has gone wrong with Britain?’
    • A mum whose son discovered a postbag containing letters and parcels left on the street claims she called a Royal Mail helpline and was told to deliver them herself.
    • Birds, bees, butterflies, bugs, bats, native plants and night-scented flowers have all figured in my postbag in recent weeks.
    • Now we come to the abusive section of the postbag.
    • These flames aren't representative of our postbag - but they are representative of a part of our readership.
    • It may be an easy way of getting a full postbag, but it's lazy.
    • My postbag is continually full of ideas for internet businesses.